Week 29

Hi everyone, I have really great news today :-) I have lost 3 lbs :-) and I am delighted with this number :-) and lost 25.42 % total body weight.

Smiles all round. I have really put myself out there this week with the exercise and it has paid off, including my other half who also lost 3 lbs this week due to working out with me and me pushing him.

This week I have learned how to skateboard and I am better than the kids at this LOL

I have found a cycle track off road covering almost 12 k which I have cycled twice this week

I have run for 27:46 mins straight for the first time in my life completing my first ever 5 k without having to walk at any point

I also completed my first 2000 m on the rowing machine without stopping..

and then last night to top it all off I wanted to push myself even further and completed 3000 m without stopping and went onto do 5000 m in total.

This week has been a week of great achievements for me and a week I can say I am really proud of all I have done. I have given it my best and achieved this great result today and it has been worth every bit of sweat and hard work.

I set out to lose 2 lbs this week and lost 3 lbs bringing my total weight lost to 61 lbs :-) I am now 12 st 11 lbs and I have broken free of the 13's at long last.

Challenge completed and achieved :-) I'm so very proud today everyone :-)

Good luck to everyone with your goals this week and the coming week...together we can do this.

Trafford1 x

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39 Replies

  • Well done you!! Very positive post, just what I needed to read this morning!!

  • Thank you so much nanashon :-)

  • Brilliant well done xx I too broke free of the 13 at last 12 stone 13 onwards and downwards lol xx ran 10k this week omg couldn't run for a bus before this. You sound so happy keep up the amazing good work and enjoy your journey x well done to other half too 😁

  • Aww thank you dawncoates34 :-) and well done to you breaking free of the 13's, getting down to 12 st 13 and for running a 10 k that's just brilliant hun. Before this if I would run for a bus I would have to sit in my seat and pretend like it didn't just kill me to do that LOL so I know exactly what your talking about :-)

    Big cheer to us, woop woop

  • Hi Trafford,

    Your post is incredibly inspiring - all those amazing achievements. I am particularly impressed with your 5k time - 27.46 mins is excellent. Amazing that you can skateboard better than the kids.

    Congratulations for getting into the 12's, that's also my goal, but I haven't got there yet. Losing 3 pounds this week is great - and particularly as your other half also lost the same amount of weight - shows you're inspiring each other.

    Cheering you on for another fantastic week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you very, very much Lowcal :-)

    It's been a week of reflection on my journey so far and asking myself what am I really capable of and pushing to reach those goals I so wanted to achieve and I have done them all in one week. I am incredibly proud.

    I am not a runner and don't find any enjoyment from it but I wanted to see if I could run the whole 5 k as my fitness is there.. and I did it. My time of 27:46 goes to show that I can do anything I put my mind to and I was thinking of my mum and her struggles which got me through. If she can fight I can too :-) as far as skateboarding goes the kids are really impressed and I never would have thought that I would be on a skateboard in the park ever LOL, but I am doing it and love it.

    This journey is all about challenging ourselves and I am up for trying most things and will continue to explore new adventures. It's been such a great week and the OH is really happy with his weight loss this week to so I am going to continue to spur him on for next week.

    Lowcal I thank you as always for your continued support and very lovely reply and I hope you reach your goal of getting into the 12's very soon.

    Best of luck for Monday hun :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Congratulations fantastic news!!

    Keep up the good work xx

  • Hi xxemmawxx123, thank you for your support. After setting that challenge last week it gave me that extra drive I needed moving forward so I am really happy that I did that. I hope you have achieved your goal for this week too :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Congrats Andy 3lb is very impressive, not to mention your action filled week. You're on fire! Off out to run 5k myself now :)

  • Sure has been an action packed week and loved every moment of it. Thank you Ruth_canal_runner and I hope you enjoy your 5 k

    Keep up the good work hun :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Thanks just heading home from my run now, sun is shining and I feel good :) have an excellent week hopefully lots more action in store :)

  • Hi Trafford

    Fantastic! I can feel your smile from here it's so wide😀😀😀 well done you (both)

    Inspirational on a Saturday morning, I'm off for a swim now but may go running as well later now as well ☺️

    Enjoy your weekend


  • Hi Cass6, thank you very much. It's such a great feeling and yes I am still smiling hun :-)

    Enjoy your swim and run Cass6

    Trafford1 x

  • Well done . Hope I can do the same ..I'm currently 12 stone 9 just started dieting on Monday. .I have 3 girls under 3 so don't get a minute. . Find it impossible to do exercise. . So just watching what I'm eating..are u in weight watchers or anything ?

  • Thank you kaylin

    I definitely would not choose to do weight watchers, sw or any other because I believe that I can do this on my own and confident in my own abilities and cooking methods to achieve great things. Following a book or counting points is not for me.

    I have made some simple changes to the way I cook and took control and this is what has seen me through as well as everyone on this forum which has given me such great support and motivation.

    With 3 little ones under the age of 3 it must be so hard to find that time to work out and find that time just for you. I have 4 children and never found time either and it was after having each child I gained the weight. Now I do have time to focus on me, now they are older the youngest being 8 now. I go park skateboard now play football, basket ball jog and I got my own roller skates and go skating with them. I like the fact that now I am active I can get involved with them a lot more than I ever did and it feels great.

    Oh and I bought a treadmill which I can use when I can't get out of the house and it was well worth investing in :-)

    I hope you do find what works for you and your family as some of it can be done together.

    Good luck on your journey hun :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Wow wow wow. So impressed. Super well done. You are an inspiration

  • Thank you alex7ra I am well chuffed today :-)

  • What a great week for all of you. Congratulations.

  • Thank you for your support Gonti :-)

  • Well just back from the gym...was going to not bother this morning but Im blaming your post for me going😃

  • I love that!!! that is so cool :-) well done nanashon, great determination and I bet you feel great :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Brilliant! Per ardua ad astra.

  • Thank you very much Concerned :-)

    I did have to look that one up :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Fab news well done xxx

  • Thank you Yvonnenanny1965 :-)

  • Trafford that is amazing work you deserve that result. Have put on 2kgs after holidays and your post has inspired me to start back to work harder at losing again. Thank you for posting as you always do x

  • Aww thank you LindaR62, those 2kgs will soon go and I am so pleased I have inspired you. Remember every bit of your journey is worth it.....simply because YOU are worth it. Have a lovely week Linda and good luck :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • You are truly amazing. It is posts like this that have helped convince me to carry on with my weight loss project. Thank you.

  • Thank you so very much that is really wonderful to hear. That inspires me to work harder too so thank you linggirl :-)

  • Traff, you are unstoppable - and I am so pleased for you. Reversing the spiral! :D

  • Thank you Gollibooboo, it's been such a great week and I appreciate your really lovely words :-)

  • Wow Trafford1, your achievements are truly inspirational. Congratulations on your 3lb loss and total loss to date. Keep going you will definitely reach your goal when you're this focused. Well done you!

  • Thank you mrsg3, this really means a lot :-) I am in a zone and never want to leave it LOL

  • Well done, you should be very proud of yourself :)

  • Hi sueper, thank you. I am really proud today and have also been told today that I look amazing. Feeling great and truly blessed :-)

  • Go girl!!!!

    I'm feeling tired just reading about what you've been up to, you can't have had any time left to eat no wonder you shed 3lbs this week. Seriously, you have done fantastically well, congratulations. Have a bit of a rest this week Trafford1.

  • Thank you Jenever, there is no resting for me this week I am a woman on a mission :-)

    Have a great week Jenever

    Trafford1 x

  • That is amazing ,keep it up proves that the hard work pays of well done to you keep it going

  • Thank you greensmoothieking :-)

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