Sweets, please!

I've been craving sweet things more often this week, so far.. I think it's because I see them sitting around the house, and I'm trying not to indulge. I still am eating some sweets. Well, only one sweet. Which is three Oreo cookies. I feel a bit bad for doing so, but I know it's not good to go cold turkey on something that the body is used to having. I know this will take some getting used to.


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10 Replies

  • You need to find healthier sweet things to turn too. Put the things you don't want to be tempted by in an out of sight place - a different cupboard or drawer. Then try to stock up on healthier alternatives that help satisfy the same craving. You need fruit/herbal teas, low-cal hot choc (e.g. options), snack-size fruit e.g. pre-cut melon, strawberries, clementines, and healthy cereal bars/low calorie mini chocolate treats etc. Plan ahead so you know you will have a sweet snack lined up during the afternoon (or whenever you need it most). Eventually you'll adapt and start thinking about healthier options when the sweet craving starts - I promise!

  • Banana ice cream is a good sweet treat without added sugar.

    Freeze sliced banana then place the frozen slices in a strong blender such as a nutibullet. Add a splash of milk then pulse the blender until everything smooth. I promise you at you will not believe this is not conventional ice cream and is naturally sweet.

    Can make nice sweet smoothies with the nutribullet as well.

  • I really enjoy making banana ice cream. Just so delicious!!

  • If you're eating carbs you aren't going cold turkey; all carbs are sugar to your body. If you have the ones that provide sustained energy you'll be healthier too.

    Fructose is addictive; it doesn't satisfy our appetite and it down regulates the pleasure centres of the brain like other addictive substances. Eventually you crave it just to try to bring you up to a level of normality, but it thickens your blood seven times as much as glucose, any excess contributes to fatty-liver, visceral fat, and insulin resistance.

  • Hi Littlehelena,

    I found a website that lists some healthier alternatives that could help you to satisfy your sweet cravings - it does list banana ice-cream, which I note has already been suggested by Andy (which sounds delicious and very healthy using Andy's recipe!), and it also lists several that Ruth has already mentioned.

    Personally, I like to have a piece of dark chocolate (85%), but I usually only have one of those per day - I have it in the evening with a cup of coffee and really look forward to it!

    I also enjoy strawberries, blueberries and raspberries - yes, they do contain fructose, but they also have fibre and nutrients, and you can slow down the absorption of the fructose in your system if you combine them with some natural yoghurt, for example.

    Here's a link to that website I mentioned:


    Hope you find something that you enjoy!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Why are these things in the house? You know how bad they are so get them out of the building. You can get sugar out of your system really quickly - you might feel a bit low for an hour or so while your body adjusts but thats all- its a whole lot easier than you imagine. Its what your body is adapted to doing very naturally. Think of the money you'll save!


  • If you want to give up sugar, you will have to go 'cold turkey' sometime! Getting over the cravings may be difficult but it's not going to do you any harm.

    You could set yourself a timetable, reduce gradually but set a date on which to cut it out completely. Don't have any sweets in your house! I used dried fruit to help me to taper off the cravings. Unfortunately it took longer than an hour, probably several weeks, and I had to have several goes before I managed it.

    I avoided sugar as much as possible for a while, but I can now have something like a slice of cake occasionally without wanting to eat the whole thing.

  • I find the more you have, the more you want. Try and cut out sugar as much as you can while you are losing weight. You know it makes sense!

  • I have a terrible sweet tooth but for a treat I have 200g of strawberries with Muller Light - Fat Free Vanilla Yoghurt Sprinkled With Dark Chocolate. Only 153 calories and a big bowlful... I love it

  • Sugar cravings are a massive challenge for me too. I find it really difficult to stop eating sweet things. If you find anything that works for you, please let me know! Good luck!

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