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I stayed the same this week,but have managed to get into one size smaller,so I have lost some inches,now and then I tend to feel a little more in wanting the foods that are not best for me,crisps and this week a few ice creams,I guess this will get easier ,I need to stop buying these treats. Back on track ,my granddaughters birthday this week ,so I will have to watch my calories

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Hi Scrit1, congrats for maintaining your weight while also losing inches. You seem to know what to do next - watch those crisps and ice creams! Good luck for navigating the birthday party and have an excellent week :)


HI Scrit1,

Maintaining your weight loss, and staying the same, is a positive, because you haven't gained. So well done! Losing those inches shows there have been changes in your body shape for the better, really good!

I hope you enjoy your Grand-daughter's Birthday this week.

Wishing you a loss on the scales for next week.

Lowcal :-)


Thank you,you are so right ,eyes down when I walk by the ice cream and crisps area of the shop as I have no control with these foods,I always want more, thank you for support and I wish you the best also.I will make sure not be mindful at my Granddaughters birthday evening.

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Good result, in my book anything except a gain is😀

Have a good week.



Thank you and I wish you a good week also,I just need to remind myself,stop looking on the sweet shelf in the shops


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