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Hi to all

Hope everyone is going well and achieving what they want and moving in the direction they want to.

Not been in hear for over two month but I'm still going strong and doing much better then I expected to do.

My body seems to have 100%got use to my eating habits, I want to eat more fruits and vegetables and salads and things in salad I wouldn't normally put together, I still have a bit of chocolate but dont actually crave it, I have found myself drinking more green tea, or herbal tea instead of a normal cup of tea with milk and sugar.

When started my weight loss plan I weighed 11stone 2lbs, current from weighing myself today I Weigh 9st 11lbs,this is huge for me I having been in the 9st bracket for Over 10 years. It's been a strong and steady weigh loss but for me it's the best way, I feel that this is the best way for me.

So to everyone keep going things can be achieved if you keep your mind to it.

Good luck and keep smiling

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Hi Kerry82, that's really encouraging, to hear about how you're maintaining your new weight a couple of months further down the line. It really makes me feel that its possible, thanks :)


9.11, eh? Fabbiluss! I used to be 9 stone, then Life happened and I woke up at 16.6. It was a pleasure to see your weight spelled out in front of me - proof it still exists! Thank you :D


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