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Inspired by HanPanStrawberryJam's idea of posting every meal, I'm going to list my actual snacks for last week. Snacks are my saviours at the moment - all the little bites and sips help me keep my resolve between meals. But I also list all alcohol as snacks, meaning I often go over the 280 cals recommended by the NHS plan because of cider/wine and alcohol-accompanying snacks in the evening (I'm no angel!). So I'm owning up here about the days where I over-snack (although obviously this is only part of the picture! - for reference I'll include the whole day calories too). I'm wondering how my snacks compare to others' snacks - for example at first glance I'm observing a distinct lack of fruit and overindulgence of 85% choc at the weekend (but would this have been worse with normal choc?)

Monday: 1 coffee with soya milk, gala apple, liquorice tea, apple flapjack, grapes, 200ml red wine: total 354 cals (out of 1336 for the day)

Tuesday: 1 clementine, 10g lindt 85% choc, 2 coffees with soya milk, 1 lemon ice lolly: total 317 cals (out of 1483 for the day)

Wednesday: 2 coffees with soya milk, apple flapjack: total 169 cals (out of 1344 for the day)

Thursday: 2 coffees with soya milk, 250ml elderflower spritzer (out), 200ml coconut water (out): total 173 cals (out of 1363 for the day)

Friday: 'Naked' cocoa bar, 40g lindt 85% choc, 1 coffee with soya milk, 3/4* pint cider: total 410 cals (out of 1495 for the day)

Saturday: 1 coffee with soya milk, apple flapjack, 3/4* pint cider, 40g lindt 85% choc: total 499 cals (out of 1714 for the day - my only really 'over' day of the week)

Sunday: 1 coffee with soya milk, 3/4* pint cider, apple flapjack: total 289 cals (out of 1492 for the day)

*NB 3/4 represents three quarters of a pint, not 3 or 4 pints :)


coffee: 10 cups

fruit: 3 pieces: 1 apple, 1 clementine, some grapes

alcohol: 200ml wine + 2.25 pints cider = 6-7 units

chocolate: 90g (not including the natural cocoa bar :) )

This week I'm aiming to:

Have 1-2 pieces of fruit every day

Keep coffee and alcohol as is (I think these are good levels)

Watch the chocolate: max 20g a day.

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16 Replies

  • I am a little jealous of your snacking :( I only have 1 snack a day which is either fruit or yoghurt (and sometimes a strip of chocolate as an extra special treat) - but there is a rather embarrassing (well some would say pathetic reason) for this I hate veg. I mean HATE it - so I can't bulk out my meals and save cals for snacks. You name it, I have tried it. I can eat a little of a few things now but not enough to make a difference.

    But to be honest I am coping without the snacks and I was determined to cut these down anyway so it's all good - no really it is ;)

  • Well there's a school of thought that says we need to rest our digestion between meals, and that grazing isn't all it's made out to be. I may graze like this because my veggie meals aren't as satisfying as your (presumably) protein-rich meals? But it's working for me so far. I'll happily eat all the veg that you don't want, just pass it over :)

  • It's all about what works for the individual :)

  • It's really interesting to see how others do it! I tend not to snack because I don't have an off-button! I certainly couldn't stop at 10g of chocolate like you!! I just banish snacks like that out of the house! I really admire your willpower :)

    I tend not to snack at all between meals during the day because I like to save up my calories so I can have a really satisfying meal in the evening. I'd usually eat about 500-600 combined breakfast and lunch and then another 600-700 in the evening.

    Just goes to show that there isn't one solution for everyone and there are lots of ways to lose weight, not one magic fix!

  • Okay - I'm starting to feel weird for snacking so much! Wondering if I hallucinated the whole snack allowance thing through wishful thinking! Re-checking the 12 week plan now and it says (for women):

    Breakfast 280cal

    Lunch 420cal

    Dinner 420cal

    Other food and drink 280cal

    So - I think the 'other food and drink' is perhaps open to interpretation according to our different needs? For me it works well to use it as a drip-feed of snacks throughout the day. For others it's added onto the main meals in the form of drinks/afters/bolstered portions. Each to their own :)

  • Hi Ruth,

    Your thread on snacking is really thought provoking, and I will hope to add something to it later in the week, so I can think about my own snacking tendencies. I found it interesting that you listed coffee and milk as a snack, because I didn't even consider coffee and tea as a snack, more of a necessity that occurs. I do of course add the calories in my coffees and teas to my overall calories.

    I'll hope to add something later in the week, once I've thought about my own snack patterns a bit more. You listed some good snacks, really good to hear about them.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I find that my coffees add quite a lot onto my calories. I think some people may add a lot less milk than me, but for me that's really the bit that adds up. I try to just have water when I'm thirsty. Non-water drinks are chosen for other reasons and tend to happen between meals, like snacks. I guess that could be particular to me, whereas others would drink things like tea or coffee as part of their meals. It would be good to hear about your snack patterns, glad I'm not the only one at least!

  • Hi Ruth,

    I've just looked at my log for last week's snacks, and will try to summarise them like you did. What immediately surprised me is that I do actually list some teas and coffees in the 'snacks' section of Myfitnesspal, and hadn't realised that I was doing that!

    Monday: 1 piece Lindt Pistachio chocolate; 2 coffees with semi-skimmed milk; 3 teas with semi-skimmed milk; 2 slices wholegrain bread and peanut butter. Total = 474 out of total 2,285.

    Tuesday: 1 slice whole-grain bread and peanut butter; 3 teas with semi-skimmed milk; 2 coffees with semi-skimmed milk; 1 piece Lindt Pistachio chocolate; 1 custard slice. Total = 517 out of total daily calorie 2,832.

    Wednesday: 1 piece Lindt Pistachio chocolate; 2 coffees with semi-skimmed milk; 3 teas with semi-skimmed milk. Total = 200 out of daily calorie total 2,592.

    Thursday: 3 teas with semi-skimmed milk; 2 coffees with semi-skimmed milk; 1 piece Lindt Pistachio chocolate; 1 whole-grain bread and peanut butter. Total = 392 out of daily calorie total 2,307

    Friday: 1 piece Lindt Pistachio chocolate; 2 coffees with semi-skimmed milk; 3 teas with semi-skimmed milk - total = 305 our of 2,495 total.

    Saturday: 3 teas with semi-skimmed milk; 2 coffees with semi-skimmed milk; 1 piece Lindt Pistachio chocolate. Total = 200 out of daily calorie total of 2,423.

    Sunday: 1 piece Lindt Pistachio chocolate; 2 coffees with semi-skimmed milk; 3 teas with semi-skimmed milk. Total = 200 out of daily calorie total of 2,018.

    This process has been helpful (thanks Ruth for suggesting such a good idea), and it's made me think that I drink quite a lot of teas and coffees, as I also have more of those with my meals, which I don't count in the 'snack' section of Myfitnesspal, but which do get counted in the meal sections.

    I am considering cutting down on the teas and coffees and substituting some herbal teas like peppermint, chamomile, lemon and ginger (as I like those flavours), and reducing my coffee intake too. I'm also trying to make sure I drink sufficient water.

    I realise my calorie totals for each day are quite large, so I will also give a breakdown of the macronutrient content of the day, plus my net calories. I know you haven't asked for those, but as I was making a note of the snacks, I decided to also include a bit more detail, for my own interest, and to share incase anyone else is interested.

    Monday: Total: 2,285; (carbs 222; Fat 110; Protein 107 and sugar 43); and Net calories = 1,063.

    Tuesday: Total: 2,832 (carbs: 255; Fat 147; Protein 122 Sugar 89) and Net calories = 517.

    Wednesday: Total: 2,592 (carbs 317; fat 92; Protein 83; sugar 47) and Net calories = 1,550.

    Thursday: Total: 2,307 (carbs 280; fat 86; protein 85; sugars 75) and Net calories = 1,419.

    Friday: Total: 2,495 (carbs 299; fat 103; protein 74; sugars 136) and Net calories = 1,446.

    Saturday: Total: 2,423 (don't have my macronutrient figures for today) and Net calories = 1,562.

    Sunday: Total: 2,018 (carbs 205; fat 85; protein 101; sugars 26) and Net calories = 543.

    I'm only just beginning to pay attention to the macronutrient figures, as I rarely look at those actual totals, and it's interesting to see them.

    Thanks again Ruth for this thread, which is an interesting mental exercise to do. Pity I can't get any calorie burn from that mental energy invested... :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Now I really want some Lindt Pistachio chocolate ;)

  • Hi Sueper, it is really good! I'm into a bar of Lindt Dark Hazelnut chocolate this week though. Still just as tasty!

    Lowcal :-)

  • There's definitely a nutty theme, pistachio, peanut butter, hazelnut, good proteiny elements to have in your snacks. The 'naked' cocoa bar I had contained cashews too. Thanks for sharing your snacks. I also detect a lack of fruit in yours but maybe you include them with meals? Ive been upping my fruit this week by putting apple slices in my salads and having a couple of bananas to hand ready for the between meals hungries. I also bought some fennel tea which I was recommended for my stomach but it tastes more like a thin soup than a tea...

  • Hi Ruth,

    Yes, I do have fruit within my meals - I add blueberries to my porridge for breakfast (along with more nuts and some seeds) (that nutty theme is definitely going on) - I also have strawberries with blueberries and some natural Greek yoghurt for dessert a lunchtimes or as a dessert with my evening meal; and I have been having a banana as a snack most days this week.

    Enjoy your fennel tea.

    Lowcal :-)

  • mmmm....


    You sure ain't alone 😶

    My biggest guilty (not really that guilty) pleasure is a teaspoon of meridian peanut butter with a little bit of homemade strawberry jam... Or sometimes a square of raw chocolate with the peanut butter...

    Oh. Yes.

    something about the intensity of it really slams the signals in my brain that have previously sent me on a loaf of toast train.

  • Amazing to be in tune with your brain enough now that you can feel the hit but then stop. Peanut butter is the food of kings :)

  • How meticulous of you, RCR. I don't think I could manage this so it's just as well I'm not a snacker. I think I have Anaconda tendencies - vast belly-loaders all at once, and too frequently. Well, that's as-used-to-was. Not any more. Well done for making it work for you! :D

  • Hi Ruth, I've lost the recipe for the wonderful Apple flap jack...and been searching....can you if easy to do forward the link...X

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