Feeling good

Weighed this morning and lost a further 3lbs bringing my total so far to 13lbs in 7 weeks. This is the longest I have ever gone without reverting back to supersizing my portions, and I am feeling a tad smug. Personally though, I believe it has been more than willpower and determination that has kept me on the straight and narrow. Before writing this post I have read through lots of posts on here and feel it gives me a strength and hope for a much better outcome to my week ahead. This site is ( with very minor exception) full of encouragement and positivity from the members, always seeing the success and offering a few gems of how to possibly get around the blips without condemnation.

My feeling of euphoria is not just down to my weightloss though. In the post this morning I received my certificates for my most recent scholarly journey, and am soooo proud to say I passed with distinction. At times I had wondered why I was putting myself through more hoops and using what little free time I had on a qualification that was really only gilding the lily of what I already had. I am so glad I did it though, this feeling is FABBY.

Have a super day everyone 😍


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10 Replies

  • Amazing - Keep up the good work ...Hopefully your post will inspire me to stick as I was doing well then fell off on the weekend! started with leaving work feeling stressed and tired and work then it went downhill!!

  • These sorts of weekends happens to everyone. You just have to jump straight back on. It's all about learning how to do that!

  • Certainly is! Thanks!

  • Nothing you can do about what's gone and thinking about it will only hamper what's to come. You will get your mojo back hun and do great things, just give yourself a pat on the back for your successes and wipe away the blips. 😀

  • Nothing like a certificate to make you feel smug - ooh a distinction! 3lb loss also pretty impressive. Funny how the weight loss journey is all bound up with everything else that's going on too. I think that's why the forum is so good, helps to keep the weight loss part of what we're doing in perspective. Good luck keeping the determination going next week :)

  • Thanks Ruth. I totally agree with what you say, and perspective is a good thing to have. Hope your wee is going well too. 😊

  • Hi ShellieL,

    Congratulations on both your achievements - the distinction on your academic work, and the great results with regard to your weight loss.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks lowcal, feeling on top of the world at the minute. Hoping this positivity is going to see me through the wedding and family parties I will be attending this weekend. 😊

  • Hi, well done on your weight loss and your distinction you must be so chuffed!! 🏆 :)

  • That cup should be flowing with some celebratory Fizzy! Well done, S :D

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