Man what a weekend - every thing went to pot! The scales have shown the true damage this morning! Not going to stay down for long - as wise A colleague said at work this morning LOG IT,FIX IT, LOSE IT!!! Its amazing how food can be your friend but yet still your nightmare!!! Spose its my relationship with it tho too! 15 weeks until the all important wedding dress measurements! Standing tall again as the staying low is what starts that vicious cycle!


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4 Replies

  • The damage on the scales is just temporary and reversible. A good week this week will get you back on track. Good advice from your colleague there. It's all about taking responsibility. That is your weight on the scales, what you ate and drank was down to your own decisions, and everything you're going to eat for the next 15 weeks is your decision too. It's not a nightmare, more of a conundrum (that you can learn to solve) :)

  • Wow - Thank you...I do love this wall! discipline discipline discipline discipline!

  • Discipline yes, but also strategies, planning ahead, plan b's, allowed treats, manageable goals, celebrating milestones, sharing both the good and the bad, patience, motivational phrases stuck on the fridge, friends to call when you're struggling, etc!

  • You'll get there hun, you'll get there. Focus on the good things you've done and wipe the slate clean of the blips. You have so much to look forward too and will find a way that'll work for you.

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