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Ive lost my first stoneπŸ˜€

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Yay had a busy week last week ate out 3 times and although i made sure i made healthly choices and conitinued with my walking. I pleased to say i lost 2.5lbs when i weighed in this morning resulting in my first stone lost. Im over the moon πŸ˜€

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sueper5 stone

Woo-hoo! Well done Sherry, isn't it a great feeling cracking that first stone :) So pleased for you and glad that your hard work is paying off.

I am still keeping up with my walking too and I feel it really helps to keep me motivated!

Good luck for the coming week :)

Great job! Keep up the great work!! :)

That is fab. Well done you.

Hi sherry66, very well done on losing your first stone that is great to hear :-)

Well done, a great achievement, hope going to mark it by treating self to something nice.

I love walking but have been thinking about couch to 5k. I have never been a runner but really inspired by the posts from people that have done it. Still in the 'thinking' stage.

Have a good week, what is your next goal?


I found couch to 5k worked best by not thinking about it too much. If you can get the podcast onto your phone, find a pair of earphones and some form of running shoes, then you have all you need. It takes 30mins altogether including warm up and warm down walks at the beginning and end. Just walk out your front door, press play, and start :)

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Another stone flossie, 3 more to go πŸ˜€

Congratulations on loosing your first stone well done

Well done sherry, that's great news .nice to hear you are doing so well.keep it up.

Congrats on losing your first stone sherry :) I've also lost my first stone now - 3lb was through couch to 5k, plus 11lb so far on the 12 week plan. There's no doubting that the weight is shifting when it reaches a stone! Have an excellent week :)

Thank you ruth πŸ˜€

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Sherry66,

Congratulations on losing your first stone, that's really brilliant. :-) It's great that those healthy choices and your continued walking have given you such great results.

Hope you have a great week.

Lowcal :-)

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Thank yiu walked 7 miles today out again tomorrow and were going to aim for 10 miles. Definately motivated πŸ’ƒπŸ˜€

ZestHealthy BMI
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Wow, that's great! Hope you enjoy your 10 mile walk tomorrow. :-)

Scrit11 stone

Congratulations ,this is great to hear, a good motivator

Woop woop!! Congrats!

Congratulations on losing your first stone! I am hoping to be in your position when I get on the scales on Saturday 😁😁

Keep up the good work!

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Thank u emma good luck πŸ‘

Well done!!!!

Have you lost any more since?

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