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Business Trip Worries

I'm over in Dublin from Wednesday to Friday this week on a last minute business trip and I'm apprehensive.

When you're staying in hotels it's really really hard to eat healthily, plus there's lots of nights out and drinking to do with the team over there.

Irish hospitality will be the death of me.

So, my plan is a 30 min strength work out in my hotel room for the 2 nights im there focusing totally in core strength. My kettle bell experience today showed me this is where I need to work most.

When we go out for a drink I'm sticking to diet coke and if they ask, I'll be honest and tell them I'm dropping the weight.

The tricky bit will be food. I'm hoping to find a hipster vibe restaurant (there's tons of these in Dublin) that does really nice salads and lean veggie meals. This is a trick I learned (weirdly) from slimming world: if you have to eat out, eat veggie or fish as these are most often the healthiest options.

The fact I'm even worried about this is a complete 360 turn around from my mental state a few weeks ago, so as long as I make the healthiest choices available to me I'll be fine... Hopefully :/

This is my willpower Waterloo. Time to knuckle down.

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I find that for breakfast I usually have fresh fruit followed by one rasher of grilled bacon a poached egg & a slice of wholemeal toast. Lunch I would opt for a salad followed by a fine dining meal in the evening (all three courses) as the portions are so small it's unlikely that you would put on weight!

I would go for diet coke as choice of drink as never drink the stuff ordinarily so for a one off what the heck!

Good luck and enjoy.


I would recommend trying to approach it in terms of trying to recreate what you're doing now, but with the challenge of lots of eating out. It's not a holiday, even if it's going to be in fancy places! Take with your usual snacks, such as the low calorie hot choc sachets to make in the hotel room before bed, and a bag of apples or clementines so you've got fresh fruit in your handbag everyday.

When you eat out, try and judge what proportion of the serving you've been given is the correct portion size. This is not just a massive test of willpower, but also a way of testing your knowledge that you've gained so far. If for example there is obviously way too much rice or potatoes on the plate, too much cheese on top of a pasta dish, too much sauce with the meat, then sort of push the extra bit away so that it's not visually part of the portion you will be eating. Then when you've finished and put your knife and fork together, hopefully the plate will get whipped away before you have time for second thoughts!

Very impressed you'll be exercising in the hotel room by the way! Extra gold stars for that alone!


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