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O dear

Right been to school fair this afternoon and a very dear friend without thinking brought me a cream tea so felt I had to eat it. This would of been ok but I.ll already been out to lunch with my other half and not the most health meal. So now I.ve got no calories left for tea (had planned to have fish salad) so do I 1) eat nothing else and go to work hungry 2) eat friut and crackers and go to work a little hungry 3) say to hell with it eat a health but filling tea and start again tomorrow . Help pleased for this slightly pee off person many thanks

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A treat now and again does no harm but don't go to bed hungry ,How about making some veg soup low calorie and filling

Don't be so down on yourself we've all been there 😃🌻🐝🐝🌺


Thanks missytess always beating myself up about these things :-)


Lol we are all guilty of that but tomorrow is another day 😃🌻🌺🐝


Have the fish salad which sounds tasty and healthy. Then cut back a little bit for the rest of the week. It will all even out.


It's one day... it is all the 'to hell with it's that sabotage our weight loss, not participating in special occasions.

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I would of had the fish salad and started again next day what did you do ?

To put in perspective I eat 1400 calories a day.

To maintain my weight I should eat about 2000 a day.

So I would have to eat 4200 calories extra to lose no weight :)

Before anyone jumps on bandwagon yes it works for me, week 15

Total lose so far 38 lbs.

I had 3 blow out and each time still lost weight.

Would not recommend doing it offer or you will fall back in to old habits.

Never go hungry otherwise you will quit.


Hi I had some some tea and yesterday was very good I.ve lost 3 stone calorie counting so works for me to and agree the odd blow out doesn't really matter I was just having a bad day hun thanks for replying :-)


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