Going into week 8, all about the veg

After staying the same last week, I'm really pleased to have lost a further 2lb this week. Altogether I've lost a stone if I include the 3lb I lost before I started the NHS 12 week plan (through doing couch to 5k). Or I've lost 11lb if I just count the 7 weeks of the NHS plan which I've done so far, which is HALF of the 22lb I was aiming to lose to reach my goal weight of 10st7. Excellent. I may not reach 10st7 by week 12, but I think I can get to 10st13 perhaps, which would be amazing - here's hoping :)

I'm on week 8 and the advice is all about eating more vegetables, and making the most of salads, both of which I consider myself a bit of an expert on, being a veg-loving person! But that doesn't mean I can't get anything from this week's advice. I've read it closely and gleaned these pieces of useful advice:

Eating salad out: always ask for the dressing on the side, and just add a small amount

Tomato-based curries, marinades and pasta sauces are often a healthier option

Prepare vegetables to have as snacks (baby carrots, radishes, sugar snaps)

... Just off to the greengrocers now!

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  • You're doing grand, RCR. All those veggies must be making you run faster ;) #loweringthetone

  • Yep - you can have too many veggies of course!

  • Hi Ruth..I am really pleased for you :-) and very well done on dropping those 2 lbs this week that is such great news hun :-)

    trafford1 x

  • Thanks trafford1. Feeling good but keeping the whole picture in mind too :)

  • Well done. I love a good mooch around the greengrocery aisle. I think it is were I spend most of my food money!

    Well done on this weeks weight loss.

  • I deliberately got slightly different things to normal today, radishes, fennel and beetroot :)

  • Super, smashing, fab-u-lous!!!!! Chuffed to bits for you on your weightloss. The culinary world is your oyster with a love of veggies, I am salivating at the thought of a good meatfree curry. I have wonderful memories of standing in the kitchen at a friends house watching her mum making curry, as when I asked for the recipes I was told you will just have to watch us make things as no traditional measurements are used. Then off I would trot back home and whip up one for my hubby and young son, that was 20 years ago and my hubby is now ex ( funnily enough with a vietnamese partner now, lol), and my son will give anything a go if it has a good spice to it ( including insects which he had on a holiday to Hong Kong many years ago, myself, hubby and daughter declined). My favourite veg curry is cauliflower and onion. Think a trip to the shop is in order for caulie........... 😄😃😀

  • I take my curry inspiration from the side dishes in indian restaurants. I have learned these are sort of poor man's dishes, so they contain less ghee, fried onion, creamy ingredients etc. The week 8 advice to go for tomato based curries fits this approach too. So for example I make chickpea and spinach, potato and spinach, aubergine and chickpea, or just mixed veg (carrots, broccoli, green pepper), all starting with an onion, spices and tinned tomatoes base. My preferred spice is usually cumin, with added chilli, ginger and garlic depending what I've got fresh. A squeeze of lemon juice at the end helps too :)

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