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Shocked! and Determined

Hi, im new to this site, I was at the doctors getting contraception and when they weighed me it said I was 70kg which is just over 11 stone! Which came as a shock to me, I had my baby nearly 4 months ago and didn't think I had put that much weight on! The downside to my contraception is that one of the side effects is putting on weight so I am determined to lose some weight!

Im hoping to get down to around 9 stone!

im Female, 11 stone and 5ft 4 inches, is 9 stone a reasonable weight to get to?

Thanks xx

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Why don't you check your BMI on the NHS weightloss site or on myfitnesspal app? That will tell you what your weight should be. I suggest that you take a look at the NHS 12 week weight loss plan. It is really good at developing sensible eating habits. I had my 12week weigh in thismorning and so far I have lost 14.6kg. I am quite happy on the weight loss plan and have found it quite sustainable. If I can do it so can you. Good luck.

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Hi, is the 12 week plan fairly easy to stick to?x


Hi Kez28Kez - I'm also 5'4" so can give you a little help here! Although we're the same height there could be other things that are different. For example, having recently had a baby, your doctor should advise you that it's normal to be a little overweight. If you're breastfeeding, then your body may naturally be reverting back to your original weight as the weeks/months pass. I haven't had a baby, so no easy excuses for me! The maximum 'healthy' weight for our height is 10st6, but it all depends on what feels right for you. Do you remember what weight you were before you had your baby? Maybe that would be a good goal to have in mind. I remember last feeling a healthy size at 10st7, so this is what I'm aiming for, and I've only got 11lb to go now until I get there (I'm also following the NHS plan that linggirl mentions).

One question before you start though - whenever I get weighed at the docs their scales always seem to add on a few pounds (it's the middle of the day, you have lots of clothes on, maybe you've just had your lunch, etc). Try weighing yourself at home first thing in the morning. You may find you're not much over the healthy weight for your height at all. You may just want to watch the scales over the first few weeks of taking the pill (I assume that's the contraception you meant?) to check it doesn't affect your weight (and also bear in mind only some people experience this).

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Thanks, I was 8 stone before falling pregnant and a size 8, to me now that is too small for me to go back to, Im on the injection, I don't usually suffer with side effects from any medication but its just a precaution incase I do.

my scales say the same as docs give or take 1 or 2lb.

Is the 12 week plan fairly easy to stick to? Ive already cut chocolate and crips out completely but find myself snacking on cakes instead -_- x


8 stone! Wow no wonder you were shocked to see 11. However your body may have changed structurally since then, meaning that you may actually be healthier at a slightly heavier weight now, perhaps yes around 9, or perhaps as much as 10 stone, both of which are healthy weights for our height. How about setting a first goal (e.g. 10 stone or 9st10) and see how you feel then? You can always decide to stick there, or set a new goal. It's also worth bearing in mind what would be a manageable amount to lose in 12 weeks (at approx 1-2lb/week).

The 12 week plan is great because you don't think about it as cutting things out, more about what you should have, making sure you allow treats, but sensible ones, and plan ahead to resist temptations (e.g. when eating out), and you learn about portion sizes, healthy proportions of protein/fat/carb/veg etc to have at each meal. Each aspect is introduced one week at a time, slowly changing your attitude to eating by the end. I just printed the whole thing out and read it through to begin with, then got started with week 1. Maybe take a look and see what you think nhs.uk/livewell/weight-loss...

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Hi Kez, I'm literally the same as you - baby an' all! I'm 5' 2 and was 10st 6.5lbs six wks ago - the absolute heaviest I've been without being pregnant.

I felt zapped of energy and really huge, living in my pjs and maternity clothes still as none of my old stuff fit. It was really getting me down. The nhs 12 week plan has been fab for me and my hubby. It's dramatic to say it's changed our lives, but it really has changed how we view food. I was living on cakes and chocolate in between eating healthy dinners, it was really bad. Since starting the plan I haven't felt deprived and we've still had cakes and treats, but I've made a conscious effort to bake healthy versions or get a chocolate fix with a twist (think melted bournville on fruit kebabs! Yum) I'm proud to say I'm half way there and at my weigh in today I've lost 16lbs in total! My hubby has lost 19lbs too (which shows it's not just baby weight I would have lost anyway).

I won't lie, some days are really tough especially if I'm tired, but overall it's been really fun and finding new interesting, healthy recipes for our whole family to eat has made it a lifestyle change rather than a 12 wk diet.

Hope you enjoy the success I have, this forum is amazing for support and motivation. Good luck.

You can do this!! :D


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