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I've started!

I've started!

This morning I restarted doing my two mile walks at the local park. It was really great to be in the fresh air, and a comfort to see that I wasn't the only one out there. To my surprise there were a lot of older people there as well. At first, I was a bit embarrassed, but after I started, I didn't mind it anymore.

I had a great breakfast which I forced myself to take my time eating. Taking my time isn't while eating is not something I am used to. I've been used to eating on the go, or forcing myself to finish my meals quickly, which has never really been a good thing. I'll attach a picture of my plate from my breakfast, although it really should be a lunch plate. Haha!

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Its the whole thing isnt it. You feel embarrassed doing something, so you don't, but you really want to. Embarrassment stops you. But once you force yourself you soon realise its not so bad, and as you feel better about yourself your embaressment disappears. I swim a lot and there was a HUGE lady started to swim. She couldnt get down the steps, had to kinda plop in. I had a HUGER amount of admiration for her making the effort.


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