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Back on the wagon

Before my holiday I went on a seven week diet with the aim of just doing my best as any change would be good. I went from 13st 2lb down to 12st 6lb, after my holiday I was 12st 10lb and within a week I was back to 12st 8lb. The problem is that was mid June and I haven't got back into my good, health eating ways. The good news is I weighed myself this morning and I'm 12st 8.4lbs! I'm amazed I have not gained everything back again and I know with a couple of good weeks I will be back to my pre holiday weight and ready to lose even more.

My aim is to get into the 11st something bracket by the end of August which with some hard work should be possible, but again I know every pound will make my clothes feel so much better.

Wish me luck!!!

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Hope you feel better withe the realisation of what you have achieved, ok you have gained but if you look at it from since June have only put on 0.4 surely that's a result😀 Be kind to self.

You are right to focus on a new goal of where you want to be and you sound focused on where you want to be so go for it 😀

Look forward to next weeks weigh in

Have a great week



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