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Weigh in Results




That puts me at 17st 9lbs so I've smashed the 18st barrier I was struggling with :)

Things to be proud of this week:

Found my motivation

Ate 3 meals a day

Ate over 1000 calories every day and close to 1390 most days

Hit the gym 6 days last week

Started swimming

Tracked everything I ate

Didn't fall off the wagon

Signed up to a kettle bell class for tonight (eek!)

All in all, a mightily successful week!

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Hi Hanpanstrawberry jam,

Wow, what a great result, many Congratulations on losing 6 pounds this week.

Definitely a mightily successful week - hope you enjoy that kettle bell class tonight.

Lowcal :-)


Mighty successful week indeed. Well done!


Wow that's fantastic - keep up the positivity! ;)

I'm going to take a leaf and share some of the recipes we've been having (when I find some time!)


Absolutely amazing. You really deserve that 6lb loss, with such a disciplined and focussed week under your belt. You must feel like you're on the fast train now! Your new momentum seems truly unstoppable. Take it easy at your first kettle bells class (lots of water and stretching etc). I lost 2lb this week, so feeling pretty excellent too. Hoping to introduce myself to a local running group tomorrow eve, bit nervewracking...

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Well done xxx


Well done xxx


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