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NHS Weight loss end of week 2

Well, I got to the end of week 2 and this morning's weigh in shows another loss and a bigger one than last week. I have now lost a further 3.6 kilograms of weight and and nearing my first stone of weight being off me. I'm very delighted by the loss but am cautious for the time being. If I continue at the rate I am going then my initial goal of getting to under 100 kilograms will be insight by the end of the program. Good times ahead.

Am not sure if everyone does this but every time I go to the supermarket, I'm looking at the labels of things I ate before I started the weight loss program and shaking my head at how many calories I was throwing down my throat. I'm gobsmacked that I think eating a whole 500ml of Onken yoghurt was healthy and yet that is about 500+ calories. I have to say that it is eye opening.

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HI Blunta,

Congratulations on losing a further 3.6 kilograms of weight, and nearing your first stone. That's really good.

It is amazing how many calories are in different products. Even healthy products can contain quite a few calories, and it is definitely down to portion sizes in those cases. I love natural yoghurt, but would only ever have a small pot of it - hence I tend to buy the smaller sizes, or measure it out on the scales from a larger pot.

Wishing you another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

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Brilliant result well done :-)


Well done Blunta... I to am embarking on a more strict way of eating Healthier Docs orders as I've just been diagnosed with a Hernia so I have to move Quick in order to have it repaired.


Well done - what a great result :)

It really is amazing how many calories are in some things and also how easy it is to make a few simple swaps and save tonne of calories:)

Keep up the good work!


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