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Orange, ginger and chilli salmon with parmente potatoes and spinach - 578 Cals

Orange, ginger and chilli salmon with parmente potatoes and spinach - 578 Cals

The salmon is a hairy dieters recipe and it was LUSH. One of those meals you don't want to finish because it's going to end! The glaze is sweet and sticky, but it's done with orange juice and soy so there's no added extra sugar, keeping the calorie count really reasonable :)

I like to try and keep my evening meals at around the 600 cal mark so 578 is just about perfect :)

Salmon is extremely good for you, generally speaking we should aim for 1 portion of oily fish per week and if, like me you're not keen on fish, this recipe is an awesome way to do it.

I can't share the recipe as unfortunately it's Hairy Dieters and not my own, but you can find it in their white covered book :) highly reccomended!!

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You have really introduced me to the hairy dieters books, I don't eat meat but I've loved some of their fish and vegetarian recipes.I'm going to try their chilli lemon tuna this week and have a go at pasta in a paper bag which is from weight watchers meat free meals recipebook, all I need to do now is remember to buy the aubergine for the pasta recipe!

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I like making salmon more exciting by serving it with root veg, such as parsnip, squash, beetroot, red onion and fennel. I often make a bit of rice to go with (about 40g dry weight), just to have a range of textures on the plate. I put the veg in the oven first, for half an hour or so. Then I add the salmon fillets on the some tray, baste them in the juices coming out of the veg (add a little stock if not enough juice), put bay leaves on top of the salmon, and bake for another 20mins (basting a bit more half way through if it starts to dry out). The result is really flavoursome. I add some 'surprises' in the veg sometimes too, like a few walnuts, capers, whole garlic cloves (add at the same time as the salmon). It's all cheap ingredients, adaptable for different calorie requirements (reduce proportion of starchier veg to reduce cals) and there's minimal washing up :)


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