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Calories, calories, calories!

Hi all, so I've downloaded myfitnesspal and been loging since Tuesday (14th). My calorie goal is 1490 a day however I am struggling to get up to 1000. I am eating three meals a day and feel satisfied all day. I only worry because I do exercise daily and c25k. I dont want to end up eating unhealthy just to up the calories for the day.

Any advise would be wonderful.

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Hi natasha_davey welcome, and good luck for your weight loss journey, and for getting through couch to 5k. It might be useful to look at what you're now cutting out since reducing to 1000 cals a day. It's good to make sure your diet remains balanced especially if you're doing a lot of exercise. It might be the case that you just need to add in healthy elements, such as extra protein in the form of nuts/seeds, or extra fruit, which can add calories too. The increase in calories from things like this will be balanced out by their nutritional health benefits. This is a good guide, although there are different schools of thought on this: nhs.uk/Livewell/Goodfood/Pa...

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Hi Ruth, my problem was to Increase calories to loose weight as I had an eating disorder whereby I was consuming 500 a day.


Hi Natasha, I hope you're on the path to recovery now, but I appreciate it's not easy. I think if we arm ourselves with info about the nutritional content of foods it can be a great way to develop a sustainable future healthy lifestyle. Lots of luck for your journey.


Perhaps try Googling "nutrient dense food" to see if there are any foods you could incorporate or change in your eating plan. Go for full fat foods, like full fat natural yoghurt and cheese. Use butter when you cook.


Hey, eating under 1000 Cals will slow down your metabolism and actually cause weight gain (less that 1000 calories forces the body to consume muscle mass during cardio instead of fat). You need to build lean muscle to burn more calories when your body is in a resting state, you calorie burn at rest is you metabolism. Therefore forcing your odd to consume that lean muscle you've been building actually slows down weight loss, hence why you need to eat more. Upping your protein intake will massively help. Eat full fat yoghurt once per day. Get the plain, unsweetened ones so you're not taking in a load of sugar. Full fat yoghurt allows you to consume not only a butt ton of protein but also some awesome fat soluble vitamins like E, A and K. All these vitamins have restorative properties which help repair the muscles after exercise.

I also use MFP to track and a Fitbit charge HR to work out calorie burn :)

Your calorie ratios should be around:

Breakfast: 200 - 300 Cals

Lunch: 200 - 400 Cals

Dinner: 400- 600 Cals

Snacks: 100 Cals If you need them.

Stick to those guidelines and you'll be fine, stop stressing and just enjoy your food as you eat it :)

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Thank you all, will try more slow releasing 'good carbs' my intake is 1-2 portions a day. Also may try a snack before gym/exercise :)


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