The end result

The end result

Hi all,

I started NHS weight loss at the beginning of the year (I think). I was obese. I never liked having my picture taken then. I did well with the program and it really changed my life. I feel so good about myself.

In conjunction with the weight loss I also did C25K learning to run program so as to get fit at the same time. Think of me as obese who could not climb 14 stairs without feeling sick. Was uncomfortable trying to cross my legs. Needed to sit down as I was always tired. And now : I am healthy, fit, and in my eyes: slim. I can wear anything and feel good in it. I am Very happy.

Today was my first Fun Run. 5K of running and I got a medal for it. Yeeeaaaah!

So to all of you out there, you can do it. Stick to the 12 weeks program. It may take you a touch longer as you may want to redo a couple of weeks. Take it easy, slowly, go from one small goal to another small goal. Buy yourself bright clothing as a reward. Enjoy life and above all: be happy.

My BMI tells me I should loose a bit more but at my age my skin does not shrink too well so I am staying as I am now. The new me: looking good, healthy, happy, having the time of my life. YOU can do it too.


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16 Replies

  • Hi nhs2015,

    I love your photo, you look really great. Congratulations on your inspiring weight-loss and progress, and it's lovely to hear such a positive and encouraging post.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Lowcal

  • You look " Fab you luss" . What an achievement 😃

  • Thank you Gilly

  • Congratulations! Lovely to see the end result.

  • Thank you for such an encouraging post, really motivating, amazing to hear what can be achieved in a few months. Enjoy your medal and new feelings of wellbeing and happiness. You look really excellent :)

  • Hi,

    What an inspiration, you look fantastic 😄. I think your words are so real, no matter how many pounds people want to lose it is a journey that takes time and will not always be smooth but small goals are the way to go.

    I have never run but will have a look at the couch to 5k, never say never !!

    Enjoy your success.


  • Go for it. It does not specifically make you lose weight but it reshapes your body. You just firm up. It also gives you a lot of confidence. There is a forum for it.

  • Your post is really inspirational and you've done so well. You look amazing now and to have run your fist 5k race as well must feel great.

    Thank you for posting and have a great weekend.


  • Congratulations, that is such an amazing achievement and good luck in keeping it all off

  • Well done, what a great achievement and you are looking fab :)

  • You look so good in your pic. Well done on running a 5k you must be really proud :-)

    Such a lovely inspiring post nhs2015. VERY WELL DONE TO YOU HUN :-) :-) :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Thanks for a great post, you look amazing.

    I agree with you about not being bound by the BMI, it really is only an approximation. Going by your level of health, and ability to do what you wants is a much better idea. As a woman of a certain age, I agree with you about skin elasticity!

  • You look fabulous and it is such a happy post. No wonder you feel good about yourself. Thanks for putting it up, cheers me up as well. Congrats.

  • Hi NHS2015,

    What an excellent advertisement for the NHS weight loss plan you are. You have achieved so much and look good and healthy.

    I started the NHS plan last March and I've lost a little over 2 stone so far. I've followed a number of weight loss plans over the years (some quite unhealthy) but I've never before found a plan that was not only enjoyable but gets results.

    You've done so well and thank you for sharing your success story and photo with us all. Have a great week.

  • Thank you Jenever. The 12 week plan is really just a learning journey. It teaches you how to eat healthy. It gives you good habits. I treat myself and am conscious of what I eat or drink. It is part of my life and I am very relaxed about it. It is not a burden. It feels just natural. I have reduced sugar intake to maximum. It made a big difference to me. All the other diets are repeat business diets. Beware of low fat stuff, it is full of sugar. Same with a lot of health bars or "healthy" breakfast: full of sugar. Sugar is addictive and those businesses make money out of our affliction. This was my rant for the day...😊😊😊 🌺

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