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Saturday Temptations

So Saturday is always the toughie of the week, as i go to my parents for family tea every Saturday since moving out last year, My mum is the cook doing it all and not by half's, and does not believe in small portions (she also is a dieter and has been for years but has Saturdays off)

She loves big portions and allot of sides and favors salt! Currently i can smell curry :) i do love a curry, well don't get me wrong i do enjoy it, but only eat what i put on the plate, other wise i would eat everything on the table, so temptations are good in some way as if i don't cave in it shows im slowing getting over my "food addiction"

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That's interesting what you say about seeing temptations as a chance to test your new found resolve. Hope you have a great Saturday tea and manage to stick to just the amount you intend to eat, and enjoy it.


Yes i feel like if i tackle my problems head on i'll win, and feel like i did :) and i did enjoy it and didn't feel overly stuffed like previous times, only ate till felt full...


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