Well it was my birthday yesterday, and I had the dilemma of deciding whether to stick to my 1450 cals per day as usual or allow a bit of leeway. Obviously decided on the latter but with a bit of control. As I had the day off work, I went out to breakfast with hubby, I stuck to just eggs benedict without being tempted by the hash browns and pancakes and ice cream (I know for breakfast!) , had 1/2 sandwich for lunch, no cakes and then in the evening we went out to an American style diner with the kids. Burger yes, a few chips and onion rings, salad and then a piece on peacan pie. It was yum. So about 3000 cals down for the day - weighed this morning and put on 1 lb.

Back on it today, as weigh-in Monday I still want to lose. I can see it's very easy to just think, "OK, broken it now, so let's slide back into eating cake, chocolate and more stuff" and completely scupper yourself. So swimming later and Bbq with chicken and salad. Let's keep loosing those lbs ☺️


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7 Replies

  • Happy birthday for yesterday. I hope you enjoyed your meal.

    I think it is important now and again to have what you want. It is also a helpful lesson in realising just how many calories you eat when you do have an extra large meal. I bet before you started this you would have eaten those 3000 without even thinking. It is great that we are all learning and adapting but still having the odd night off without beating ourselves up about it.

    Good luck for your weigh-in on Monday :)

  • You're so right Sueper, I would have eaten far more as well. And probably ended up eating & drinking around the 5000cals! But no wine with dinner and no birthday cake! So happy that although the menu choices may not have been the best, they were my treat & I'll think of it that way.

  • Hi Cass6,

    Happy Birthday for yesterday! Great that you enjoyed your day, and that you're keeping on track afterwards - like you say, it can be easy to scupper ourselves and slide back into bad habits, but you've planned a healthy day today with the swimming and chicken and salad.

    Here's to a loss on the scales for us all on Monday!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Yes, let's hope so 😀

  • Hi Cass6,

    Happy birthday for yesterday, sounds like you did a good job and coped with what sounds like a fun family day surrounded by temptation😈

    Life is always going to get in the way and I think you have approached it right no point in depriving yourself it's about living !!

    Have a good weekend and look forward to seeing your results.


  • nks Flossie. Have a good one yourself. I think it's about the long term and being able to maintain a healthy weight once I've got down to it!

  • Hi Cass6 - happy birthday! I also allowed myself extra things that I enjoy on my birthday recently - namely a generous amount of cider to accompany fish and chips in the pub with my bf. It sounds like you were very reserved and knew where you wanted to spend your calories, it all sounds sensible to me. I think the 1lb increase the next day may well disappear by Monday, and here's hoping it does :)

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