Week 28

Hi everyone, this week I have maintained which is good... not as good as a loss on the scale, but I will accept this, as changes are still being made and I have lost half an inch on my hips and a half inch on my waist so that is always great to see.

I'm still motivated as ever :-) and I have gained so much from the journey so far.. I have a healthy mind, heart and soul. I can walk faster, I can run faster and I can push myself further than ever. I have gained strength, courage and become committed to this journey and there ain't no stopping me now :-)

So by next weigh in I do hope to lose that 2 lbs if not... 3 teehee :-)

Staying positive for the coming week and believe that I will reach this next goal and to get a nice tan :-)

Have a lovely week everyone, Trafford1 x


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12 Replies

  • Well done on maintaining your weight. I have done the exact same this week- abit gutted about it but reading your post has helped! Have another good week xx

  • You know, I really love your reply to my post xxemmawxx123. I am so glad that my post has helped you. I don't look at maintaining as a bad thing I see it as another victory as I have not gained any weight and always stay focused on the bigger picture and that is my future with a skinny me in it LOL. With each week we get stronger and with everyday we stick to our goals we are become victorious so don't be gutted, be positive and those changes we are looking for will re - visit us soon enough you'll see hun :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford1 I'm also feeling encouraged by your post. Hoping to see a loss this Mon after a week of maintaining. I love your list of other positives achieved despite the scales staying the same. I did this too and it really helped to keep things in perspective. Have a great week and good luck for getting that tan :)

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Congratulations on maintaining your weight this week - that is a positive, and it's great that you've lost half an inch on your hips and also on your waist - it shows that you're body-shape is changing.

    Wishing you success with getting your tan, and good luck with your weight-loss goal for this week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal and thank you. Yes my body shape is changing and I love seeing this transformation taking place with every week I am here. Just bought myself some more new shoes and really liking them :-) going to sport these today whilst out on my travels. Never seem to forget to reward myself these days as my confidence is shining. Something I never would have done in the past.

    Here's to a great week full of sunshine and good luck on Monday Lowcal :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Be kind to self you have achieved so much, you are allowed a standstill sometimes. The inches tell the real story !! 😃

    I know your positive attitude is never in question but to get a tan ! Mmm that's a bit hopeful in Britain lol.

    Have a good week and may the sun shine 😎


  • Hi flossie, I know a standstill is fine and I love the fact that I have lost some half inches this week which is a big plus in my book :-)

    I am hopeful that I will get a tan but we can't always rely on this great British weather, as soon as it is out though so will I...

    Have a super fantastic week flossie :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Ruth_canal_runner, thank you and I am glad that you feel encouraged by my post. That is lovely to hear. I always try and stay focused and positive no matter what as I am on a journey for life and won't ever let the scale dictate how I should be feeling and even if the scale don't go down it won't bring me down with it :-) so on the up side so is my why of thinking. Always stay positive and focused and this will lead you to your victory. You are almost at your goal weight so never forget to celebrate what you have already achieved on your journey and I hope that come Monday you get the result you want.

    Good luck Ruth and I look forward to reading your post :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford, it is great that you are not letting no loss get you down - but you have the right attitude and you have done fantastically well so far :) I like the fact you could see a difference in measurements and that is helping motivate you.

    I tend to find that if I don't do so well one week I make up for it the following week and have maintained an average of 2lb per week since I started 22 weeks ago.

    Good luck for next week - onwards & downwards :)

  • Thank you sueper, no point in getting down as I won't be staying the same and know the scale will change in the right direction. I accept this and crack on with my journey :-) I've learned so much on this journey which will take me so far. I feel I am a changed person and much happier with myself and with how far I have come. I will make up for it like you next week without a doubt. Onwards & downwards to both of us :-)

    Thank you for your continued support hun

    Trafford1 x

  • Woop-woop, Traff! Sometimes it's good to stop, take stock, and enjoy the view - look back at the distance covered; look around at where you are; savour the flavour. Then, gird the loins once again and soldier on to even more beautiful stopping-off places, until the journey's done and the hallowed land of Sveltedom is yours. Onwards and downwards :D

  • Love your reply it made me smile I will take stock and enjoy the view :-) I have plenty of time to plan workout and enjoy this journey away from work for 6 whole weeks and I am going to enjoy this journey even more now work is just a past time...so woop -woop

    I will be soldiering on until the journey's done and I thank you for your encouragement and lovely post :-)

    Traff x

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