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Self Reflecting

So after a good couple of days, and generally feeling good in myself, i decided to go through my old clothes that used to fit about 2-3 years ago (refused to throw-out) i'm getting closer to fitting in them so all is good!!, as 1 of my goals was to fit in them again, then for them to be to big :D currently i have a great looking shirt hanging up in my room (too small at the moment) but i see it everyday so that is 1 of many motivators!

Positive attitude is really the key for me, not a strict diet staying happy and focusing on the good that will come off the back of this is another motivator, just shrugging off the negatives

Start Weight 19Stone 12lbs

Current Weight 17Stone 9lbs

1ST Target Weight 14Stone 2lbs (200lbs)

End Target 10Stone - 11Stone

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That's great to have something hanging there to remind you. I have found that fitting into something again on your way down the scales makes you appreciate it much more than when you were forced to buy larger and larger sizes on your way up the scales. Hope you're not too far off fitting back into that shirt, and that it helps spur you on :)


Thankyou, i find a constant reminder of why i want to lose the weight will spur me on.. and yes the feeling better in old clothes feels great, and that was one of my biggest wake up call i never wanted to buy bigger clothes when i have a wardrobe full of clothes that no longer fit,, :)


I love trying on my old clothes and getting into some of them - I have given 3 bin liners full to charity so far too :) I can recommend this as it is a way of telling yourself you won't go back - although it also makes me a bit nervous.

I bought a gorgeous pair of 3/4 length jeans for a holiday 3 years ago but they were too small - now they fit perfectly and by next summer they WILL be too big :)

Do make sure you keep trying on things as I have had a couple of items that were a bit too tight but by the time I tried them they were too big :( :)

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Hi! I'm exactly the same than you as for what helps me look weight. It's the positive feeling of what I'll achieve and how it will make me feel, not "battling" to meet a very strict diet (although I do need to follow quite clear guidelines). When you're focusing on all the good energie, you just keep thinking of how to achieve your goal in interesting and motivating ways. For example, I just took a tasty breakfast (calorie counted!) and I'm now taking my bike to go to the beach!! :-)

Keep visualizing that moment when you'll fit in your clothes! :-)

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Good for you, RJ. I too have a wardrobe of yesteryear togs that I refuse to bin for they will be mine again. A good Holy Grail to hang on to! All the best for your graceful descent! :D


Thanks Gollibooboo comments mean allot, i do enjoy reading what you have to say, always positive and lifting :)


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