44lbs Down - is it all sugar?

Hi everyone.

I am please to say I managed to lose a couple more lbs this week making a total loss of 44lb - that is a whopping 20 bags of sugar!

Just for fun I thought I'd work out how much less sugar I eat a week now than I did 7 months ago. I actually found it hard as I couldn't remember what I used to eat way back then - weird really. So I guessed at an average of 3 chocolate biscuits a day, 1 bar of chocolate (a day) or something like a Double Decker and an iced finger once a week - why was I surprised that I kept putting on weight? :(

Anyway, all that adds up to about 330 grams of sugar a week - which is over 1.4kg of sugar in a month, so nearly a bag and half! That was quite a shock to me but makes me glad I have finally taken control of things :)

I am sure I still eat too much sugar but I am working on it. I still add about 3/4 teaspoon to my coffee but I am actively working on reducing that.

Hope everyone is having a good week and has a fab weekend :)

Edit - I forgot all about the full fat coke, by my guess that was about another 500g a month (based on 1 can every other day) - phew! So in total a saving of about 2kg a month although I suspect it is more.

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20 Replies

  • Very well done Sueper on your loss this week and many congratulations on the whole 44 lbs to date. I definitely could NOT carry that many bags of sugar. It's amazing to think that 44 lbs is equal to 20 bags that is a lot of weight.


    have a lovely week

    Trafford1 x

  • Thanks :) It is a scary amount but I am very chuffed - also got under 300lb which is one of my (many) targets :)

  • That is great well done. It's such a great feeling getting past a mile stone :-)

  • There's also the hidden sugar in the sauces and things that we have less of now too. Such as sweet and sour sauce etc. Just imagine filling your pockets with all those bags of sugar and carrying them round all day - that's what it would have been like before you lost the weight. Congrats on those extra couple of lbs lost this week, have an excellent wknd :)

  • Thanks :) When I got shopping (walking of course) I carry a heavy rucksack home and I can really feel it, but it is probably half of what I have lost!

    The sugar in sauces is crazy and so unnecessary, I try and make my own these days so I know what is going in it.

    Have a great weekend too :)

  • Well done you. Keep going with the cutting down.

    I found it a real struggle to give up sugar, but thank goodness the cravings do go away!

  • Thanks. It's not so much the cravings but the taste. Back in the day I used to take 3 sugars! But been on about 1 for years now, got down to about a 1/4 but started getting near 1.5 recently. I think the only way to stop the cycle will be to cut it out completely - maybe I'll aim to do it by xmas :)

  • Well done you. And what a great way to visualise the list pounds. 😀

  • Thanks - now have to find a picture for the big 5 0 when I get there - I mean pounds, not years (yet) :)

  • Well done!....hope i can 1 day lose that much .... Brilliant an inspiration :-) xxx

  • If I can do it, anyone can :) Good luck.

  • Hi Sueper,

    Visualising that weight-loss in terms of sugar really puts it into perspective. Amazing results, and hope you have a great weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks:) When I finally get to a sensible weight I may buy a load of sugar (the equivalent of what I have lost) and have a photo taken with it - then I will pop it over to the food bank or similar.

    Have a great weekend :)

  • Way to go Sueper, Woohoo. Fab weightloss so far and even fabber attitude. 😊😊

  • Your missing out on the true flavour of coffee if your putting sugar in it! Try it balk and medium strong for a while forget the bitterness, its so intense it can actually taste sweet in itself! - I gave up sugar in coffee when as a student i had to buy it! Too tight and never missed it!

    You've done a great job gaining a lighter body!


  • Thanks. I am probably a coffee lovers nightmare, I like it strong and milky and quite sweet. I am making it a bit weaker and will follow your advice :)

  • Hi Sueper,

    What a result !! How scary is it to look at all that sugar but even better when you realise that it is what you have lost and have kicked into touch !!😃😃

    I do look at labels much more than did and thought was interesting what was in the news re sugar today, but I still like something sweet.I am trying low sugar or sugar free sweets when I really want something. Aldi do a nice range of sugar free sweets about 8 or 9 cals a sweet.

    Continue the good work, have a great weekend and I'm sure an even better week.


  • Thanks Flossie. I have used the odd sugar free sweet to help me a long but now need that less and less :)

    I find the sugar thing so confusing - what the heck are free sugars and can I have them - argh!

    What I do know though is that I have more than halved my sugar intake and that can only be a good thing :)

  • You are doing so well! When you look at those bags of sugar it really highlights some of the strain we must be putting on our bodies by carrying our excess weight. I'm on week 7 and have lost 7 bags of sugar or around thirty blocks of butter - I'd never dream of carrying it all in a shopping bag so I don't know why it would be ok to carry it as excess weight. My sugar intake was appalling in the months before deciding to take action. I wasn't very mobile and was stuck at home for months and I just ate and ate - I enjoyed it at the time but I regret it now. I've been ok on my healthy eating regime and have only had a couple of hungry days but haven't given in until yesterday evening. It was 'Cake Friday' at work and I made two trays of brownies without indulging in the chocolate at all. My downfall came when I was cutting the brownies to put them in the tin. What do you do when you have eight corner pieces that don't look so nice? Of course I ate them! When I got to work I had to face glorious cheesecakes, caramel shortcake, empire biscuits - what a day! I did sample a few things but surprisingly I am still within my calorie allowance. I came home feeling really tired and a bit queasy and I'm putting that down to what I've eaten in the last 24 hours. Back to normal tomorrow!

    Keep on doing what you're doing - it seems to be working!


  • Thanks Joyce. When you enjoy food you can't simply switch it off so we will all have days when the temptation is too much. It is a matter or drawing a line under it and getting back on it the next day.

    Well done on your loss so far, you seem to be making good steady progress :)

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