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Spice heaven

I have just got in from bill paying, etc.. in my nearest town. Whilst there I took the opportunity to visit the chinese supermarket and stock up. I have happily wiled away forty minutes and come out laden with goodies. These wonderful little supermarkets are a joy to explore and cheaper by far than anywhere mainstream, as is the indian supermarket I go to. The service by these stores staff is always fab, informative and helpful. Snippets of how to use this and that, even recipes! I love exploring the food of other cultures and find there is nothing better to bring people together as sharing your and their knowledge.

My stores are now full of wonderful spices, pastes, coconut oil ( unrefined and a quarter of the price elsewhere!), etc..., the freezer has packets of various size springroll pastry, and I am a happy bunny.

A table filled with food is just a table filled with food until the chairs around are occupied with people, be it at home or away, then you have a table filled with pleasure.😍

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Hi ShellieL,

Thanks for sharing your experiences of going to those amazing supermarkets, and savouring the spices etc. I felt like I went on a virtual journey, whilst reading your post. :-)

Enjoy your weekend and all those lovely meals with hopefully some good company to fill those seats around the table.

Lowcal :-)

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