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NHS Weight loss -Week 1


Started the NHS weightloss plan on Saturday so nearing the end of the first week. Most of the week has been pretty good and already seen a small reduction in my weight :)

Only sticking point was had to do an overnight trip in Dublin and so had a night/day where couldn't quite find healthier options as wasn't in a central location with a great deal of options.

Does anyone else have to work away from home often? How do you deal with trying to make the "best" choices when in a city that you're unfamiliar with?


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I have just started week 1. Sometimes I try and make healthy choices when out (previous to this) and struggle as often the only things to eat to fill you up are pastry, or high cal pasta and so on. Or chips. It is a problem, so if you find an answer I'd be grateful to hear of it. 😊


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