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I'm feeling very proud of myself today, started going to the gym 3 weeks ago and it took 25.45 mins to do 5k on the cross trainer. Today it took me 23 mins 13 s! Not much, but that little bit shaved off has made me really happy! And I ran for 7 mins on the treadmill - got a fair way to go with that yet but I'm trying.

Bumped up my calories on myfitnesspal so that will make up for the last few days 😊

Off for a walk with the dogs after tea too, and I spend 3 hours doing housework, that has got to burn more calories!

I'll be fit in no time 😉

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Nice job, good for you!!

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Great keep it up !!

Makes you feel so good 😃🌻🌺🐝

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Hi CParkinson101,

Wow, you've got a great running time on the running machine. That's brilliant.

Enjoy all that exercise, and have a great week. You'll definitely be fit in not time. :-)

Lowcal :-)


well done keep going

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if you are interested in running, look for "couch to 5k" or "c25k" a running plan designed to get you running for 30 minutes in nine weeks. There's a specific forum on this site for support and advice.


I've tried that, I just can't keep up with it. Managed to train myself to run 5k about 8 years ago doing something very similar, but I can't do 3 times a week due to work, so trying my best to go twice a week.

I'm feeling it today tho, legs are aching like hell! Not sure if it's the gym or the crazy day I had at work yesterday!


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