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Hi All, I really am taking this seriously, and would like to lose around 2 stones.

I joined here on 6th July, and I've missed both weigh-ins.

I love knitting and researching my family history, so both hobbies are not exactly active.

Knitting includes a lot of white items for premature babies, so while my hands are active, I'm not eating and I have recently gone off sweeter things and like fruit and veg a lot.

Our Grand-daughter will be christened soon, and it would be good to have lost some weight for then, although it's a few weeks away, a few pounds each week would make a big difference.

It's also school holidays, so meal times are not as regular as they have to be for work, and while at work, again, I'm not snacking between meals either.

Good luck to you all, and with the best will in the world, I'm determined to lose some weight.


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Hi 5Maggs9 - I've got no doubt you're taking this seriously! You're right, a few pounds can definitely be shifted in the few weeks until your granddaughter's christening - and what an excellent first goal to aim for. Have you looked at the NHS 12 week plan? It contains lots of useful tips. Hope you can make Lowcal's weigh-in thread this Monday. I find it really helpful - Lowcal is full of useful snippets of advice. If you can't make Monday mornings, then just join it as soon as you can after then. Some people add their weigh-in on the Tuesday.

By the way I save my sewing (fixing various holes, loose buttons, various alterations etc) for after dinner to stop me snacking. It's not necessarily got to be white to stop you snacking. I find if both hands are busy, and your attention is diverted, that can be enough. Good luck for your weight loss journey :)


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