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Time to start being more healthy!

So I have joined this website in hope that it will help me keep motivated in becoming more healthy. I have attempted diets and fitness programmes before but I have never completed them, this time I am determined but I still would like some support. I have gradually put on weight over the years but now I think its time to work it off, I am currently 80kg which when inputting it into the NHS BMI calculator it is a BMI of 29 and I assure you none of it will be muscle weight as I have not exercised in over a year. To tell you the truth I have been getting a bit down with my current size as none of my clothes fit me like they used to, despite this I am aiming to lose around 19kg as it would put me mid range of a healthy BMI.

In order to do this I have joined a local gym to get me more motivated to go exercise and attend fitness classes (I have booked myself onto a zumba class later tonight!) and I have also printed out the NHS choices 12 week losing weight guide to keep me on track. I will post my progress onto this community and hopefully when I start seeing a difference in myself I could motivate and help others.

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Hi I've just joined the website for exactly the same reasons you have .I have put on weight over the last year which is getting me totally down .I just want to feel good and get healthy again.Lack of motivation and being in a rubbish job didn't help but now things are good again so I really need to sort myself out .

My BMI is 29 like yours and I need to lose a stone and a half to get back to me being comfortable .I Have asthma which I know will be so much better when I'm fit and not carrying extra weight .I have no excuse for not exercising as I have a lovely golden retriever and a bike which has not seen the outside of the shed in a year (the bike not the dog lol). Plus I live in the highlands up past Inverness so miles of countryside and beaches to get fit on ..

The healthy eating bit is no problem as I cook healthy meals from fresh everyday apart when my partner is on night shift then it's usually a bowl of cereal .Im a bordem snacker usually crisps as I don't have a sweet tooth .Im just not active enough and need to eat smaller portions .All common sense things really !!

I've just got myself into an uncomfortable rut and need a big kick up the backside .Its like I get up everyday full of enthusiasium and great determination and by lunchtime it's gone but not this time after shopping trip and changing room horror .

Lots of lovely clothes in my wardrobe which I hate looking at

So this is it no more excuses

Good luck to you and would be grateful for any support tips and advice you have .



i'm afraid I don't do kilos I'm strictly a pounds and stones person but I can relate to the BMI. At least you haven't reached the obese stage and once you acknowledge that you are overweight you are in a good place to start to do something about it.

I am sure portion control is the answer, you need to be disciplined. Get yourself a set of kitchen scales and weigh your foods and keep a food diary. Writing down everything you eat, when you eat it, is a good way of ensuring that those little extra bits don't slip through your lips.

Plan, plan your meals and make sure you have the right foods in your fridge and cupboards, plan for those unexpected events, sounds contradictory but what I mean is make sure that you have suitable foods available when things throw you out. If you had planned a meal that was going to take time to prepare and then something sneaks up on you and robs you of the time make sure you have some quick, easy to prepare, meals on standby so that you are not tempted to nip to the chippy or order in a pizza.

Don't think of it as a diet, think of it as a way of change, a new and healthier way of eating. Looking after your body and your health, not as being deprived but of treating yourself well.

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Hi missytess, i to live north of inverness in Evanton. I find the area up here great for going to bike rides and lots of woods around to take the dog. Hope you find motivation x



I live just outside Invergorden ,which as you say there is loads of places to go with my bike and pup

Been away for the weekend so back ready to get going .Feeling really motivated and ready to do it .

My poly tunnel has turned into a jungle so no shortage of veg and salads !

Thanks for your reply and hope your doing well .This is a great site for support



Hi TelleLou, I also started around the 12 stone/80kg mark, like you, aiming to lose 1 1/2 stone (I think that translates to 10-12kg) just to reach the upper point of a healthy bmi. When I was last at that weight (10st7 = 67kg) I fitted into the size 12 clothes that make up the bulk of my wardrobe. After spending the past 2 years restricted to just a few items of clothing that I could bear to buy in larger sizes (and still kidding myself I could squeeze into some of the smaller ones) I've now lost enough weight to start wearing some of the smaller clothes again, and it's a great feeling. I'm already back into a size 14 pair of jeans and have been wearing them all the time, feeling rather pleased with myself. So I definitely recommend setting a midway goal - as it will be a great motivator to see some of your clothes starting to fit again. And lots of luck for your weight loss journey :)


Hi Ruth

Thanks for your reply

Your doing really well .It is a great feeling when you start wearing clothes you haven't worn for a while

I too have spent the last few moths in big clothes feeling miserable and sorry for my self and wearing things a bit tight . I wouldn't buy bigger sizes because I was always starting a diet and fitness kick but couldn't stick to it .So this time I'm determined and ready .No more just looking at my lovely clothes in wardrobe I'm going to be wearing them again very soon and will be feeling as good as you



It took me doing couch to 5k (Jan-March this year) and starting the 12 week plan (started in late May) to get this far, but I've now lost a stone. It does take a long time, even if you feel you don't have that much to lose, as you have to allow for difficult weeks as well as the ones where you lose 2lb at the drop of a hat. So I really recommend buying some things you can enjoy wearing now, even if they're just cheap in the market or at Asda. There are some nice bright summer things in Sainsburys at the moment - depends what's near you. But it's no good wearing things you're not happy in. Got to stay motivated, not feel constantly punished! Fitting into the older stuff is a bonus treat for later on :)


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