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Hello all,

Not posted for a while but over the last few weeks I've started to try Intermittent Fasting (IF) and since I couldn't find anything on these forums about it, I figured I'd post my experience with it in case others are looking in to it.

Essentially all it involves is taking in my calories during an eating window instead of constantly throughout the day. I'm not restricting my food, as I take in the same number of calories as I would previously (remaining at a calorie deficit to lose weight) but not taking in any calories after this window. Typically I eat between 10am and 5pm then do not have another calorie after that time until the following morning at 10am (I still drink water/dilutes/coke zero etc but nothing with any significant calories). This means that for every 24 hours I am fasting for 17 hours, giving my body time to burn off stored fat.

With IF, for me personally, I've found I can lose a lot of weight quickly (I've lost 2 pounds from Monday to Thursday this week) and I've eaten a pizza, cookies and had a small amount of alcohol. I find this type of eating suits me and my lifestyle and I will be continuing it.

If anyone is unsure I would say just give it a go. If anyone wants to ask me anything please feel free. This is simply a different way of going about weight loss that has worked for me better than just reducing calories and increasing exercise.

All the best!


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I am doing intermittent fasting too. Actually i have done this for a few years without really being aware of it, that it had a name or was a popular weight loss technique. I am fine tuning the intermittent fasting. At the moment I eat nothing from 10pm until 2.30-3pm the next day. 16 hours or so fasting every day. I do need my caffeine in this time frame though.

I am trying hard to keep to 1,400 calories in my eating time frame from real food. Also low carb food too. I tend to eat at 3pm, 6pm and 9pm. I am finding this is working for me at the moment. I find the fasting times easy at the moment.

I have read that they suggest for women not to do as much fasting as men, but I don' really know why they say this. My view point at the moment is I need to loose weight, this the main priority, then will readjust diet again for insulin levels and preparing for pregnancy.


Perhaps it would be a good idea to research any possible long term effects on fertility of IF? As far as I understand, it can affect the general hormone balance in your body, not just insulin.

You seem to be throwing a lot at your body at the moment: IF, Low carb and calorie restriction! Watch out for any warning signs that you are overdoing it, like problems with sleep, feeling cold, hair loss or missed periods.

Perhaps you don't need to fast every day if you are also eating low carb?


It is proved to be an excellent way of losing or maintaining weight. There are Facebook groups for IF and for 5:2. I rarely eat before 2pm, usually 4pm, and if I'm on a Fasting day I either stick to under 500 calories or go without. I make up for all my nutrition requirements on the other days.


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