Hey guys

I'm up and awake just had a really horrible dream.

So I'm walking down to road and some one calls to me I stop and someone rides up behind me on a motorcycle I'm coming habiting someone else anyway they get of then the person who called me arrives there talking to me then say they have to kill me then one pulls a gun an shoots me as I'm laying on the ground they shoot me in the head and I woke up well now I'm freaking out :'(.


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6 Replies

  • Breath , have a coffee or a cup of tea and remember it is just a dream.

  • ouch...

    but it WAS a dream.. and doesnt MEAN anything..


  • Sometimes bad dreams stay in our memories for a while don't they? But it was just a dream. Shake it off and make another cuppa!

  • Wow that must have been one real nightmare for you i hope you feel better soon dreams at night can freak anybody out but yours i'm glad that your safe now.

  • We all have disturbing dreams at some time in life. Remember it's only a dream. Today's a good day. Keep up with the weight loss goal and relax before bedtime. You'll be fine. Good luck x

  • I dream about things that I've done, just ordinary things and when I'm awake I'll think it actually happened. It's very difficult to explain to my Boyfriend.

    Your dream sounded awful but you know it didn't happen.

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