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I don't seem to lose


I've not been following this the past few weeks as I just wasn't losing . I was losing inches though & friends said ' have you lost weight ' but it hadn't but was exercising & watching what I was eating & on most days I counted calories to 1300 but I just wasn't losing . I want to have a go again . Can anyone help ?

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sueper5 stone

Hi, not sure I can help much here but the fact people can see you have toned up is great.

I am not sure that it is true the muscle weighs more than fat but I am sure it at least weighs the same. So perhaps you have built muscle but not lost fat - yet.

Have you checked out how many calories you should be eating a day? If you are exercising a lot you may not be eating enough, so worth checking it out.

Good luck for your next weigh-in :)

Donnadek in reply to sueper

Thanks sueper ... How do I check if I was eating enough whilst exercising , do you know ? 😊

sueper5 stone in reply to Donnadek

Hi, have you got anyway to calculate how many calories you are burning while exercising? If you have then add these back on so say you burn 200 cals you add this to your daily allowance - I don't actually do this but then I don't do a great deal of exercise.

Have you thought about getting a FitBit? It is like a watch and calculates how many calories a day you need. Lots of people have them and love them :)

Donnadek in reply to sueper

Cool ,yeah I know what you mean now thanks 😊 ...I'm gonna start again but just concentrate first on getting my diet right for a week then start introducing my swimming again 😊👍

This reply from Lowcal about losing weight is worth reading, hopefully might be useful.


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