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First time poster, long time dieter! Thought I'd try doing the online thing rather than just continuing to try (fail) to lose weight on my own.

I currently weight 124Kg. At 5ft 9 my suggested weight is 77Kg which means I need to lose 47Kg to get down to a "healthy" weight. I'm not sure this will actually ever happen as I've been overweight for as long as I can remember (now 32 years old).

Recently I undertook a 12 week program at the local gym in effort to try and kick start my latest round of "MUST LOSE WEIGHT". Admittedly I was a little lax in attending the latter few weeks as work got hectic and I just couldn't drag myself off to do another hour at the gym after getting home from work - still despite that I did notice an increase in my stamina (managed to up 1minute on the cross trainer to 9!). Did not lose any weight at all but did lose 3cm off the hips, which is better than putting it on I guess!

Anyway, having now gotten over my gym phobia (unless its busy - then I just freak out a little) I'm determined to keep it up as this weight has to go.

I've set myself the challenge of losing 2 stone by Christmas. Realistically I should be able to lose more, but I figure 2 stone has to be a good starting place. At 32 I really need to get a grip on this issue as its now having a negative impact on my social life and I think I've reached the now or never point.

I'm also going to try and get better with my eating habits. Not that I eat unhealthily at the moment - I don't do takeaway, I'm a Veggie and I only have a "treat" once a week - but I'm obviously doing something wrong there too to be this size still.


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Hi gingergeek and welcome. You should get some good advice, inspiration and support here.

You seem to already be taking a sensible approach to weight loss so perhaps it would be worth checking out your portion sizes and make a few adjustments.

Many here are seeking this as a lifestyle change rather than a diet, making small maintainable changes over time. With the motto "slow and steady wins the race".

Good luck :)

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