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28 hours done from my long week at work, finished at 11am this morning and have the rest of today and tomorrow before doing another 40 hours roughly Fri, Sat and Sunday. I was famished when I got home and decided I would have brunch instead of breakfast and lunch. 1 scrambled egg, 2 tomatoes and a huge pile of mushrooms, and lastly 1 rasher of really good bacon. A big cup of tea washes it all down nicely. Whilst eating I got to thinking of foods that I would rather not be told I could never have again, mushrooms and bacon are 2 of them. I eat mountains of mushrooms but limit bacon to maybe once or twice a month, and have learnt to only have 1 rasher now where previously I would have helped myself to 2-3 rashers. I love bread in every shape and type, especially homemade, again I try to have much less now and some days none at all. My biggest love is crisps, proper crisps. At the minute my will power to restrict crisps is so poor that this is the one thing I just cannot have in the house. I crave them like a smoker does nicotine, and this frustrates me immensely.

Dinner tonight is stuffed peppers with a raw veg salad. I love raw caulie, carrots, mushrooms, etc.... far more than cooked. My children reckon I am wired completely wrong, lol. having seriously strange tastes.

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You're just an old fashioned foodie. You know what you like and lots of it is good healthy stuff. I think I'm a bit like that too - portion sizes end up being my main problem. Have you thought of making a list of crisps alternatives? I try to only have them when I'm out, a few from a bag shared with friends. Some ideas to get you started:

Kale crisps (home made using frylight, add salt/garlic etc)

Popcorn (try savoury flavours such as salted, chilli flavour)

Toasted pumpkin seeds (just place on a hot frying pan, no oil, until they pop and go brown)

Vegetable crisps - not sure how these compare - maybe they're just as bad?

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Vegetable crisps are just as high fat, but slightly better than normal potato crisps as there are little if any additives/ artificial flavourings ( except good old ready salted crisps - they just contain potato, fat and salt). I quite like popcorn too, airpopped in a brown bag in the microwave. I eat nuts and seeds everyday either in something or on there own. Kale I like as is, I do stirfry it with seeds and spices too. I'm thinking of buying a dehydrator but keep changing my mind. Bloody annoying I am, lol. x


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