Going Strong

Been off here a while now, really concentrating on my weight loss, last weigh-in said total loss now 2stone 3lbs - Really Happy

I feel as this time i will succeed (Failure is not an option) ive took everything in to account this time, i've got alot of weight still to lose! But were all in this together :) Honestly there are days i feel i could give up.... but that's not me, not anymore - been obese majority of my life always the biggest in family gathering or social groups... not for long

I'm kind of using this forum as a personal keepsake to myself documenting my journey, where also other can read (which helps alot)

Start 19st 12lbs

Current 17st 9lbs


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19 Replies

  • Well done and it is great to hear such positivity in you comment. Keep it i

  • Thank You!!

  • Congratulations !! Failure is never an option! Keep up the good work its worth it...I'm 7lb off my goal weight..its taking ages to lose it though lol. Half a pound a week then nothing..still keeping at it though ...have a great day!

  • Well done and good luck x

  • Good for you. That's a great weight loss x

  • Excellent - with your mindset you'll get there for sure :D

  • Thank You :)

  • Well done! 😀

  • Good on you !

  • Posting on here is a fab way of 'journaling' your weight journey, and helps to take stock and think of how you are feeling and where you are excelling/ pitfalling. You have done amazingly well hun, hope you have great week. 😊

  • Thank you for the kind words, hope you have a great week to

  • Very Inspirational! Just stopped me falling off the wagon!

  • Thanks you for the kind words, fight the temptation turn to exercise instead

  • Well done you are doing amazing can I ask how you are doing it x

  • Thank you, and yes, really im not complicating things, im eating set meals (not overthinking what to have) no snacking (fruit if needs be) sugar free drinks i don't drink coffee or tea, i try exercises daily from walking the dog to lifting weight just something to keep me moving...

    The occasional treat is aloud as long as the day has been good and then up the exercise.. i try keep focused on the future and remember why im doing this, and what i want to get out of this.

    Hope that helps

  • Well done on your loss so far. Good luck for the next weigh-in :)

  • Thank you

  • What a great post. You have done amazing work and your journal is inspirational!!!

    I have no doubt at all that you will succeed in all you intend to do!

  • Thank you for the kind words, hope all works out for you too!

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