My goal

My goal

So I would like to lose weight, I have gained quite a lot since moving from working in a bar to in an office. Used to be a size 8 up top and 10 below, don't even want to say what I am now.

I have tried before to lose weight but I lack the will power, but I have just quit smoking so I can do this, although looking at my desk right now I'm stuck between my punnet of strawberries and the pack of Tesco Cookie and Cream cookies. I'm trying to get others to eat the cookies I stupidly bought so I can concentrate of my super sweet strawberries.

I have a goal this time, so hopefully I can make it towards it. I'm an amateur Cosplayer, but I would like to go professional. In order to feel comfortable in the clothes I will wear I need to lose the weight and show off my legs. My goal is to be able to Cosplay as Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn in the new Suicide Squad movie that is coming out. I've set my deadline as Halloween 2016.

So lets do this fellow weight losers! Let's get healthy.


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  • Excellent goal. Get rid of those cookies, just put them next to the kettle or something! Are you considering doing the NHS 12 week weight loss plan? Also it's worth looking at the couch to 5k plan if you want to develop nice legs. Lots of luck :)

  • I've printed off week one and it's going up on my fridge. Luckily my partner is already on a weight loss plan, so hopefully he'll push me to follow in his footsteps. Can't have him weighing less than me.

    Thank you for your support I will have a look at the Couch to 5k plan. I'm already training with a friend for the Velothon.

  • My weeks are printed off but discreetly stashed away. My bf is probably about 2 stone less than me - can't bear to think about it actually! We are totally different builds though... Be prepared for lots of patience, willpower and determination and lots of luck! Will look up the Velothon - am assuming it's to do with bikes...

  • Well i had to Google displayed, skydive educated. It looks great fun, although I can see that you really would need confidence in your body to wear some of the costumes!

    It is really great to have a target to aim at,it gives you great motivation. I agree about trying the NHS 12 week plan. I have just started week 12 and so far have lost just over 14kg. I still have a away to go so I will be continuing. This is the longest I have ever followed a weight loss plan and I think it is partly because of the support from the guys on this site.

    My suggestion is set yourself small achievable goals and download the myfitnesspal app to help you keep a check on your calories. Watch the size of your portions, I discovered that I was vastly overestimating the correct portion size!.Good luck with achieving your ambitions

  • Okay so my first sentence doesn't make any sense! Curse that corrective text. What I actually wrote was "well i had to Google what a cosplayer was". That makes more sense doesn't it?

  • Thank you! I do tend to have larger portions, I think that's my other half's fault. He's a chef.

    Today I have not bought crisps and cookies, I have bought two apples, a pear and some orange juice. Day One achieved.

  • Well done.

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