Hi everyone,

My name is Kyle. I was wondering, is anyone tracking Macros (Protein, Carbs, Fats)? Or are you just tracking totalled calories?

I currently attend the gym on average 3 times a week with a trainer, he suggested I eat 2900 calories but I just can't seem to eat that much seeing as it's a lot of food. I'm also just going for weight loss, I have no intentions of becoming a bodybuilder so that amount of food just seems to be a waste for me.

Any help or input would be appreciated...


Kyle :)

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  • This sounds like a conversation that you need to have with your trainer - explain that you're not aiming to build up too much muscle and trying to lose weight, then he should adjust the training programme and recommended calories. Not sure about the macros, apart from if you use the myfitnesspal app, that breaks things down into protein, carbs etc, which could be useful information if you're trying to track those aspects of your diet.

  • Yes - I count calories, protein, carbs (sugar separately too), total fats and sats, fibre, and sodium.

    I've set myself a target of not more than 1500 cals/day (though the 12-week plan would have me on 1400). I'm not doing low carbs/high fat but instead being careful with sweet things (and not tackling this with artificial sweeteners, just trying to avoid having too much sugar).

    It's working for me - gradually, which I'm satisfied with on the whole.

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