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A tip I remembered that I would like to share.

I used to weigh 19stones and 6lb. I am so happy to be down to 11stones now. I am currently feeling quite poorly and awaiting some test results. was thinking about whether I should go to the gym tonight or not and then remembered a trick I used to use when I was at my heaviest.

I was uncomfortable going to the gym but knew I wanted to work out.

I used a pack of cards and worked out 5 times a week-

Ideas –



Jumping Jacks

Sit ups

Reverse Crunches

Laps around the lounge

If you have weights

Bicep curls

Should press


Push ups

You pick 4, I would always use Jumping jacks as one.

so it could be Jumping jacks, bicep curls, shoulder press and lunges

Then you take the pack of cards and name each exercise a suit.

Spades- Jumping Jacks

Clubs - Bicep Curls

Hearts -Shoulder Press

Diamonds- Lunges

Face cards and Ace are all 10 which equals to 94 things each.

Shuffle the deck and place the pile facing down, now you turn a card over. Okay 4diamonds = 4 lunges

It used to take me around 30 mins to get through the deck, for the 30 mins I was out of breath and it was very satisfying seeing the pile go down and knowing you’re nearer the end.

If this gives one person an idea, it was worth typing it all out!! X

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I like it! I set up a kind of circuit in my living room (which is also my bedroom, so quite compact!) but I try to imagine the guy who would lead our circuit training ( that I used to go to about a year or so ago) calling out to REST then START as you move between each one. My set up is based on what I remember from that, for example with step-ups onto the balcony, pressups on the floor, squats by the sofa, and all the RESTS and STARTS are set by the beeps on a training timer on my phone. Practically, I don't do this as much as I should. But I like the idea of counting and working through a deck of cards, so maybe that's something I'll try, even if just for the novelty!

Hope you are feeling better soon and the tests come out okay, and hope you do follow your old card system today now you've reminded yourself of it :)


Hi Saira87,

I love your idea - and also Ruth's as well. Really innovative and sounds like fun too.

I'll have to find that deck of cards and give it a go.

Hope you feel better soon, and have a good week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


This is such a brilliant idea! Your very own at home circuit training!


Thanks - I think for me, visually being able to see the pack of cards go down kept me motivated to get through it. and the less breaks I took the quicker I could do it.

for me any way, it's the small little tricks and mindset that make the difference.


I like the idea that leaving a pack of cards out for the morning is a more discreet visual reminder than weights and exercise kit. People around you might think you're just some kind of solitaire fiend. Can I check, for the J, Q, K & Ace cards, did you mean 10 repeats or 94 repeats?


10 repeats.

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K , A = 94 in total

So if you did my example, you would end up doing 94 lunges, 94 jumping jacks, etc


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