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Couch To 5 KM

start doing that couch to 5km a few weeks ago , I used to be a keen jogger/runner on treadmill few years ago & thought it be a good way to start again.

Plodding along 5 minutes warm up at 6.6kmph then jogging at 9.6kmph.

Did me usual 5 minutes warm up today then managed 28 minutes jogging got to 5km in just under 33 minutes.

Room for improvement but a rather good exercise tool.

Feel really positive about myself & thought i would share it with all the amazing people on here (",)

All the positive comments that I have received on her are a massive boost.

Thank you all again & again.

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Well done you!! I started it this week and I've always loathed running. I'm on week 5 of the nhs plan and figured it would be a good challenge for me seeing as I've never been good at or able to run or jog. Amazingly, I've really enjoyed the runs so far and found that with the help of these forums I'm really feeling 'I can do this!'

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You will be fine ,I used to do 10km's regularly on treadmill & I,m awful runner/jogger first 20 minutes used to be hell for me then I used to switch off & get on with it,final 5k's used to be sound ironically need to build on my pace mind .


That is brilliant.well done. I 've been doing the couch to 5k as well but I've been taking it more slowly through the weeks. I am nowhere near to running 5k but am pleased to say that i can actually run and can complete the podcast without stopping now, that is a massive improvement for me.

Again many congrats to you.

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I,m a terrible runner always have been I set treadmill to 7 minutes then add to it after that , if I set treadmill to like 30 minutes or something just cant do it once I get going though I,m fine just odd !!!


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