Today I ate breakfast that fed the eyes as well as the stomach and looked like a work of art on the plate. Slices of fresh pineapple, chunks of watermelon and honeydew, slithers of fresh mango and red grapes. All served with wildberry yoghurt in a stunning stemmed glass. I sprinkled on some chia seeds and sesame seeds. I thoroughly enjoyed eating it all and was 'tummy satisfied'. Here's the rub, I wasn't mind satisfied. I do not have a sweet tooth, if you did you would have been in seventh heaven, but I do not. I found myself craving a doorstep of toast with butter, yet I was not hungry in the slightest. I resisted fortunately, and took the confused dog for the second walk of the day. Stood on the brow of an uphill track, I stopped and looked at the miles of country around me. Surrounded by these fields and gentle slopes of Lincolnshire, I felt the satisfaction that breakfast had not given me. I turned around and headed home with a light heart and smile on my face.


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  • Fructose bypasses the satiating hormones and goes straight to the liver, and yoghurt spikes the insulin, dropping blood glucose; consequently, not satisfying.

  • Just to clarify does full fat natural yogurt spike the insulin levels or the non-fat yogurt which actually contains the most sugar.

  • From what I can ascertain MrsBooboo, it is the fermented protein of any yoghurt that causes the phenomenon

  • Thank you, looks like yogurt has to come off the shopping list.

  • Other studies on yoghurt have found that it has real health benefits!

  • I think texture is an important part of feeling satisfied, Sometimes you just need something with a bit of crunch and chew for your teeth to tear at - or is that just the wild animal part of me? Like you I live surrounded by countryside, I think that we are tremendously lucky and with our hectic lives we dont always take the time to appreciate it.

  • Perhaps try your fruit with a natural full fat yoghurt, with no added sugar, like Fage Greek or Yeo Valley, The protein and fat may help you feel more 'satisfied'.

  • defo protein needed at breakfast time, helps you feels full and satisfied. I'm lucky to work from home, usually with no school run as kids are big enough to go on their own now, so I love 3 eggs scrambled in a ban-marie with ground black pepper on top. I put this on a toasted, lightly buttered bagel. Its about 500 calories for this breakfast, but its so filling and tasty, its worth it. x

  • Thanks for all the comments folks. I thought I'd better respond. I was satisfied and felt full as I wrote in my post. It was my mind that wasn't satisfied. I use the chia seeds as they are full of protein and very tasty. I also love yoghurt, and can think of many, many more things I could eat that are not half as healthy, and thankyou Penel yoghurt does have a lot of benefits too. Like everything, things should be taken as a daily balance and not as an individual component. By the end of my food/ drink intake today, my fat, salt, sugar, etc... will be well within health guidelines.

    I crave savoury foods like toast and crisps in my mind, not my stomach. I got to be the weight I am by not taking the advice I have to give others as part of my job, lol. I don't eat toast anymore because I can't stop at 1 or 2 slices at the moment, perhaps in a few months my mindset will be a little more willing to accept less, until then no toast. ☺️☺️☺️☺️😊😊😊😊

  • Hi Shellie - I did a similar thing with biscuits as you are doing with toast. I now only have the little mini bags of cookies if I want some biscuits now, they are about 125 cals a pack. I only eat about 1 pack a fortnight. But I pretty much cut out biscuits for about 6 months because I couldn't just stop at 1 or 2.

    Could luck with your toast detox, hopefully you can find a healthy relationship with it again soon :)

  • It's really weird how ones brain is wired sometimes. I can make a sandwich and be perfectly content with just 2 slices of bread, even if they come from a 400g loaf and are smaller, but toast is quite another thing altogether. I think people understand more when it is sweet things that are craved, I myself never open the biscuit jar unless it is to put in biscuits ( I make my own), the same goes for the cake tin. The chocolate box in the fridge is only opened for use in my baking too and remains untouched by myself ( always full of white, dark and milk choc). The same cannot be said for the crisp basket though, if there are 'proper' crisps in it I have a compulsion to eat them, so the basket only contains quavers, french fries etc.... I go to the local shop and buy 1 packet of normal crisps twice weekly, these are for my son as he can't have additives or preservatives. Glad you found your answer to your compulsion. 😀

  • Shellie I love your description of how you built satisfaction into your meal by feeding your senses outdoors :) I also avoid toast now due to being advised to avoid wheat. But I've really got into making homemade oat granola which is really lush... this could be a good way to add something a bit more savoury, add the crunch linggirl describes, and you could bind in seeds like chia, linseed etc in the mixture. I can't have yogurt for now, having been warned off dairy too! But I used to love the combination of granola and yogurt. So maybe that might be an interesting variation to include in future experiments. Please keep letting us know if you make any more excellent creations :)

  • Thankyou Ruth. For me personally walking is the way I have always dealt with my negative feelings, whether that be anger, upset.... it is only recently though that I have put this technique in use for food. I can't believe that it has taken me so many years to figure this out!!! The work I do and hours means that going for a walk isn't always possible, and other distractions just don't really gel with me. To be able to stop and stand somewhere and view such a panorama just seems to make what I am feeling be totally insignificant and small in the grand gift called 'life on earth' It gives such a feeling of wellbeing that any thought of food goes blowing away with the breeze. 😊

  • I use a strategy of going on a walk just with my keys (no money for snacks or phone for distraction). I do it when I'm feeling overwhelmed with cravings. Being right near the canal is a real help in that way. I like going to the old mill and imagining how this area was when it was all factories and workers, to kind of think how hard people work and the worth of things, and the big history within which we are all a part, also a kind of putting things into perspective. Also, often if I take myself away from food for half an hour or so I can often beat a craving... maybe that's part of it for you too...

  • You so get me!! It's like talking to a mirror image, lol. The only canal I go for a walk by is the Manchester Ship Canal when I go 'home'. ( though I haven't lived in Manchester for 30 years, most of my family still do and my Mum. Where Mum is will always be 'home'). The landscape has changed beyond recognition of my childhood years but you can still walk a track running alongside the canal for many miles, and I lose myself in memories and watching the joy on my little Jack Russell exploring his surroundings freely. 😊

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