Hungry Days

This week has been awesome. I've been on annual leave from work, but despite that I've managed to stick to my daily calories pretty well and I've earned loads extra with a long walk with the pooch almost every day :)

Yesterday was the hardest day, I was perpetually hungry and no matter what I ate, I was still craving like mad. Luckily though, I'm skint and there was no unhealthy food in the house so my only option was peaches and homemade 30cal soup! I binged but I think in total I only had about 150cals lol I also went for a massive walk last night so earned it all back according to MFP :)

Still on for a loss on Monday, feeling very positive and not thinking about the last couple of weeks, that's the past, this is now :)


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  • I had two evening shifts this week where I took a dinner with to have while at work, but both days I came home still feeling hungry. I had to have a '2nd dinner', which I would have done in the past with no second thoughts. But like your peaches and 30cal soup I also tried to create it from the lighter options I had around, as I didn't want to risk re-gaining pounds (especially having had a really happy weigh-in on monday). I went way over my calories for the day, both days, but saw it as damage limitation - it wasn't as far over as it would have been in the past. So I think even hungry days and lapses can be seen as signs of improvement, when they start getting less frequent and less extreme. Also, as you talk about a lot, it's about starting to spot the triggers. I'm now thinking of avoiding evening shifts, or at least trying not to do them two days in a row, and will re-think the taking dinner with to work idea (maybe take half to work, and have half when I get home...?)

  • I work evenings too sometimes and before the NHS plan I would have a "snack" before the shift (basically a meal) and then a larger than average meal when I got back from work because I'd kid myself that I was starving after an evening at work!

    I guess it depends on the exact times of your shifts but I started taking a couple of nibbley snacks to work (carrot sticks, a lowcal ceral bar) and then having a healthy meal waiting to cook as soon as I get in from work (sometimes a weight-watchers ready meal to stick in the microwave).

  • Exactly. There's something about feeling you're missing out that makes you want more to compensate. I don't think there's an easy answer.

  • That's true if you go on a low-fat diet.

  • How do you know how many calories you should eat to lose weight?Well done on the weight loss by the way.............

  • So 1lb of human body mass is roughly 3500 calories. To lose 2lbs per week, you need to spend 7000 calories a week more than you eat :) I track this using MyFitnessPal and my Fitbit charge HR which works out your calorie burn throughout the day from your heart rate. These two apps link up, so if I don't move during the day then MFP takes calories off me! I have to create roughly a 1000 calorie deficit per day to lose 2lbs and so far it's pretty damn accurate!

  • well done you !!

  • Simply not having unhealthy food in the house is a good idea! My fall back are 25 cal sachets of Miso Soup - strangely very savoury and very satisfying!

    Well Done You!

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