I've been wearing my jeans all week :)

I recently posted that I'd lost enough weight now to get back into my size 14 jeans. Woop! It's a modest loss compared to some (12lb so far), but I'd felt similarly despondent that I just couldn't even get started losing any weight and felt I was in danger of carrying on putting even more weight on. Things like not being able to wear jeans were really getting me down (I'm not trying to suggest that it's not possible to wear jeans above a size 14, but I just wasn't happy how I looked in anything I'd tried in the shops, partly due to being quite short, and partly because I felt more 'covered' in skirts - I'd just reached a point personally where jeans were ruled out). That is, until I found this supportive forum and started the couch to 5k and NHS 12 week weight loss plans that have all got me this far. All in all, to reach a palpable milestone of fitting back into jeans really felt like I'd made a difference and I feel really grateful to have got to this point.

Then, today when I noticed that my jeans were feeling a bit loose, I started wondering if I'd lost even more weight, so soon! I measured my waist and it was the same so it wasn't that (I'm too superstitious to weigh before I get to Mon so measuring's all I'll do for now). Then I realised this is the 5th day in a row of wearing my jeans and they're probably just loose from being worn. They'll probably shrink back a bit when I wash them. But after nearly two years of not even being able to get into my jeans let alone wear them enough that they start to loosen, I'd forgotten this could happen! Loving the illusion of loosening jeans though. I might just not wash them :)

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  • Fabulous! A jeans person myself but I haven't worn them for years. Well done :D

  • Hope it won't be too long until you're back in jeans too :) Now I've got here I'm definitely not risking not being able to wear jeans again, I've totally found my motivation!

  • Well done on trimming down :)

    I think the problem with jeans as you get bigger is that they become more shapeless and therefore they don't look good. I guess this is done because the wobbly bits on bigger people are not distributed the same for everyone.

    It is great that getting back into your jeans is a boost and if they get too lose tumble dry them, if they are still too loose them time to go shopping! :)

    As for your loss only being modest compared to some - I bet if you look at it in percentage terms it is pretty impressive :)

  • I just worked out my percentage loss so far and it's 7%. I think 10% is most people's first goal, so I'm nearly at an impressive milestone weightwise - 5lb more - that's good to know!

    My problem with jeans is I'm a funny shape anyway. I'm a pear with short legs, which means I need wide leg jeans that go in at the waist but with enough curve for my (ahem) generous hips. I found that the larger sizes seem to rely more on lycra than tailoring, and I guess our different body shapes do get even more different when we become overweight, so it's hard for high street stores to cater for all our different shapes. I really don't like over-lycra'd jeans though... 'jeggings' with a dress over it fine, but not lycra jeans - it's not the real thing for me!

  • Levi's 501s - faded, soft, size 30 (12), not high waisted... YOU WILL BE MINE (once again) :D

  • Wow 501s - a classic! They WILL be yours :)

  • I seemed to become more of a pear as I put on weight, becoming a little less as I lose weight.

    Evans do some good pear jeans, nice and small on the waist but ample on the hips - they may now not go down small enough for you though :)

  • I tried going into Evans with my boyfriend but because most things there were obviously too large he looked worried and steered me away. I did buy a pair of salsa size 16 'curvy' jeans online which fitted okay, but I wasn't confident to wear them out and certainly didn't admit what size they were. I know its all relative, but hitting size 16 was really when alarm bells started ringing for me...

  • And let's face it, if you don't need to shop in plus size shops why would you choose to. I can't wait to have more choice :)

    I wish alarm bells had rung for me at size 16 - not sure I was ever that size. I remember being a size 14 at 16 years old and the next thing over a size 20 :( Now I am working on getting back to a 20 - first major clothing size target.

    As long as we are all going down we are all heading in the right direction.

    Now off for a 10km hike :)

  • I've been on the loose weight ritual now for 8 weeks lost 22lb, and finally fit into a pair of jeans that I bought in January in Orlando and not worn them once until this week and they felt fabulous...... Need to loose about another 12lb to fit into my 'old' jeans but on the right track. You keep going girl and let the loose fitting jeans rule xx

  • Amazing. I think jeans completely change how you get dressed. You only have to match them with shoes and a nice top. I don't mind that they're not the size I used to be comfortable seeing myself in anymore - there was a time when a size 14 would be anathema! It all gets a different perspective when you're approaching from the other direction :)

  • Reading this has me smiling. I live in Jeans ( size 18-20 depending on make), and rarely wear skirts or dresses. It just goes to show how individual we all are and how our thought processes can be poles apart. Well done on being in those jeans and more importantly FEELING good. 😊😊

  • I'm very aware of how ridiculous I must sound to some people saying I couldn't wear jeans above size 14! I even did get a pair of 16s but they were like a dirty secret, on the rare occasions I wore them outdoors I wasn't happy with how I looked at all. Whereas give me an A-line skirt and I'm happy. There's definitely no one size fits all :) by the way, guess what, am in my jeans AGAIN today :) :)

  • You certainly don't sound ridiculous, not at all!! In fact quite the opposite. We all have to feel good for ourselves. One of my younger sisters ( I have 6 sisters) went from a size 8 to a size 10, she is just 5ft tall at a stretch. She was miserable and felt awful, her confidence knocked. Now some people may poo poo this as ridiculous, but to me you have to have confidence in yourself and to feel good sizeways helps give or boost that confidence. You have a good positivity and that rubs off on others. 😊😊

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