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Hi I started the plan 3 weeks ago, I want to lose about 3 stone. I've stuck to 1,400 calorie a day and been doing the 150 mins a week exercise, mostly walking pushing a twin buggy. I haven't lost a single lb and I don't understand. Usually if I start I diet like slimming world etc I lose loads in the first couple of weeks so I just don't get it! Any ideas what might be wrong or what I might be doing wrong? Any advice greatly appreciated xx

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When I first started counting calories for the 12 week plan I realised I needed to really measure and weigh everything, for example I was really unaware just how much olive oil I was adding into my cooking, exactly how much milk I was adding into my tea and coffee, and the actual calories involved in making a big filling salad (surprisingly more than I was estimating). So maybe you could examine your calorie counting and see if there are any hidden things that are slipping through the net?

Re the exercise - there are two types suggested - aerobic and strength. Like you, I find it quite straightforward to do the 150min aerobic exercise, hitting 150mins most weeks. But I've struggled to complete the recommended 2 strength sessions a week. Have you had any thoughts about how to do that? There is a 'strength and flex' podcast supplied by the NHS, but some people do more integrated types of exercises such as gardening. I guess lifting 2 kids counts to an extent, but maybe something extra might help make the difference? Also it's about adding in extra exercise. If you were pushing the buggy around for 150mins/week before anyway, then maybe you need to do something else in addition to make a difference?

Hopefully the changes you've made already will start showing soon. It's surprising not to have lost weight yet in the first 3 weeks, but it doesn't mean you're not making a difference - have you compared your waist measurements since you started etc? Lots of luck :)

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