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Help needed, lack of motivation

Hi, this is my second week on the 12 week programme. I did really well on the first week and lost 4.5lbs, but this week I cannot seem to stick to the diet. I wake in a morning with good intentions, but by teatime they have gone out of the window and I eat +++++. Has anyone got any suggestions on how I can get my motivation back.

Many thanks.

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It sounds like you had a really good week 1. Can you remember what strategies worked for you then? Try not to see your loss of motivation as being a point of no return. We all have lapses and bad days/weeks. You know you're winning when you get back on track as quickly as possible. Today is about damage limitation and tomorrow's a new day, clean slate. State your good intentions on here or to someone close to you, and try to stick to them. Aim for small manageable goals. And try to remember why you started this in the first place. Lots of luck!

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If you are not doing it already try and work out in the morning as this gives you a real boost and kicks starts your day and gives you that extra adrenaline to see you through the entire day. Plan every meal from breakfast to your last meal and go for a walk in the evening. Even a 10 min brisk walk will make a difference after your evening meal. Keep moving and if you need something from the shop walk to get it. If you need cash for work tomorrow walk to the cash machine the evening before. I find any excuse to keep moving as much as I can. Losing 4.5 lbs in your first week only leaves you with 2.5 lbs before your have lost your first half a stone and that should spur you on to achieve this. Never give up on you. Only you can make a change and if you want the change bad enough you will find that motivation to take you forward on your journey.

You have begun your journey now and that is a step in the right direction don't look back. If I told you by the end of your 12 weeks you are going to be 2 stone lighter or even 3 would that motivate you ??? anything is possible on this journey but you must stick with it. You have got to believe that YOU can make a change and changes will happen. I am talking from experience. I wish you the very best on your journey and all the successes.

"Wishes can come true if you believe in YOU" :-)

Trafford1 x I really do hope this helps


Just posted a similar question.....but I gues we both know the answer????

It's down to us to didg DEEP and get over ourselves!!!!

We are the ones that can make a difference....... No one else,


Wow that's great start, struggled later in the day but after eating loads of biscuits one day after getting home from work I decided to do something.I'm on w watchers and after 3 weeks I hardly eat as much. I don' miss eating things, I realise just what rubbish I was eating before.well done keep going and you will be fine


I think that losing 4.5lbs on your first week is incredible.

One thing that has helped me is seeing it not as a diet but more of a lifestyle change, and food choices becoming more of a habit than a conscious effort.

don't deprive yourself of treats but everything in moderation!

As others have said try to plan your meals far in advance. Take healthy snacks to work so that your a less likely to give in to temptation.

I tend not to have any unhealthy/ high calorie snacks in the house and then I wont be tempted.

you could also take measurements of your body and see how much your are losing in inches as well as lbs.

Good luck!!


Wise words there, Xemma... ;)


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