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My Weight Loss Journey!


So after giving up smoking in November 2014 I have piled on the pounds. I'm now at my heaviest weight of 12 stone and my BMI is at the top end of the scale. I'm making a conscious effort to eat a healthy diet and to become more active. I'm really bad for picking at food, biscuits are my downfall along with a cups of coffee or tea. I think the only time I'm not eating is when I'm on the school run. Nearly 31 I need to switch this around. Day 1 starts today!

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Hi TamCal, it sounds like you're more needing to reverse a few post-smoking bad habits rather than lose a lot of weight. If you reverse those habits you may find your weight re-balances naturally. I suggest finding lots of alternatives to biscuits to start with, like interesting fruit and herbal teas. Next, I really remember when I gave up smoking (over 10 years ago) I was also constantly needing to put something in my mouth. So I suggest finding a smoking replacement that doesn't involve putting things in your mouth, so you can start to really kick the snack habit. I still have a kind of incense routine, where I light, nurture and watch an incense stick burn. Something in that helped me to overcome the urge to light a cigarette. Also find things to keep your hands busy, like worry balls, hand strengtheners, activities such as sewing, etc. Also I recently did the couch to 5k scheme, which I recommend. Running is a kind of healthy addiction and should also help with weight loss/control. Hope that gives you some ideas anyway :)

I think your right in the respect of I've just swapped one bad habit for another. I don't have any urges to start smoking again but I think the habit of hand to mouth routine I had while smoking has been the issue. I will definitely have a look at some tips and advice in curbing this. I did try running but it felt so unnatural like I was bouncing off the pavement lol. I might give it another go but I have to admit my Asthma is somewhat preventing me as it seems to have worsened since I gave up smoking. Any help on beginners running would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for you reply. Xx

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You should look at doing couch to 5k. I have really bad breathing as well. I'm not asthmatic but use an inhaler, and one of my biggest barriers to running was breathlessness. Couch to 5k starts off with 1 minute runs and gets you to running 30 mins in 9 weeks, which sounds dramatic but I found it quite gradual and also empowering.

The podcasts have lots of advice about basic running technique, not going too fast too early, not bobbing up and down as you run etc. Def worth giving it a go.

There's also a couch to 5k forum on here if you look through the communities.

Thanks for all your help Hun I will be having a read tonight. I have a party to attend in November so I am going to use this as motivation. I'm going to log my food intake, exercises and weight loss on here to keep myself going, I need visual reminders. Xx

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I missed a goal last year to lose weight in time for my brother's wedding, I was basically doing the wrong things and my goal was overambitious. But now I'm doing this just for myself it's much easier, especially as I'm enjoying the running, and treating my limited calories as an opportunity to be more enlightened as well as creative with my food. I'm going to another wedding in August, probably in the same size 16 dress (as I just really like it) but will need to add a nice big clasp belt over the top, being a few inches trimmer now! Good luck for whichever approach(es) you decide to take and keep us posted :)

It's always good to accessorise :D

I will def keep you posted and good luck with your future goals to hun.


Weighed myself this morning and have lost 2lbs. Not to sure if this is water weight or something but I'm happy the scales haven't increased 😀

I've reduced my calorie and carbs, I'm eating three small high protein meals a day, carrots sticks for snacks, plenty of water and allowing myself my coffee minus the sugar.

Started doing some basic exercises yesterday which I'll increase in time but I'm going for the slow and steady route. Plan on going for a short run/walk later today to see how I fair. All in all I'm feeling positive. X

Well as always when I go out for the day with the kids I always end up eating things I shouldn't. Started the day right with a bowl of porridge but then I grabbed a plain chicken subway for dinner as we were out and about and then a chippy tea on the way home. 😐

I've stayed away from the sweets and treats so it's not all bad, we shall see what the scales say tomorrow 😊

No loss but no gain so I'm happy. X

Not a good day so far but I will have a better day tomorrow. X

So I wasn't feeling very well at the weekend and i let myself get off track. Continued my healthy eating once I felt 100%.

8th July

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