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Disappointed in myself

I am very disappointed in myself. I have no excuse than to blame myself. I was weighed last night, and no surprise I had put on two and a half pound. I eat chocolates etc over the weekend. I knew I was sabotaging the diet, but carried on regardless, then I give out to myself. Why am I doing this?. I am on my own for a week, but hell that's no excuse either. Any tips on how I can stop my destructive behaviour would be very much appreciated.

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Hi, it's really awful when we do that. I don't have any great tips or advise. I just want you to know your not alone. I use to do the same thing, when didn't I eat chocolate. I piled on 2 stone in 8 months, on top off 4 years of abuse to my body. Ending up weighting 16 stone 4. Turning point for me was when I was stuggling to put socks on, then the breakdown off not been able to cut my toe nails, I sat and cried and realised "what the hell am I doing to my body " that was my lightbulb moment. I'm 13 weeks in and my god it's not been easy, I cried I shouted, I threw tantrums like a toddler. I now starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. I no longer crave chocolate and this last few days I even have to remind myself to eat.

Just try to pick yourself up and start afresh. Good luck.


Thank you so much. It helps knowing that I am not alone.


Okay, so I live alone and it is harder when you are by yourself and have no one to distract you. I have some hobbies that keep me busy, or I distract myself by painting my nails or having a bath. If I am desperate for a snack I make a proper pot of tea, or slice up an Apple or grapes and put it on a pretty plate but my favourite is to have a sugar free ice pop (you know those plastic tubes ful of coloured water that you freeze), I know that isn't brilliantly healthy but it suits me and gives me something to slurp and crunch.

Good luck.


Thank you, this is very helpful. I especially like the coloured frozen water idea. Most of the time it is not that I am hungry, but need something to slurp and crunch like you said.


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