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Stayed the same

Well I started this last week and it was my birthday, kids are on holidays and husband working late! Boy I didn't think that through did I? Looked back at my eating diary and my willpower wasn't great!

Anyway I stayed the same. I didn't do any exercise as planned as I ended up sitting at night catching up on work on the computer.

So this week is a new week. Booked a couple of classes. I have a booze day out on Saturday but I have all my recipes planned for the week so I can afford to splurge a little.

Good luck this week everyone. 😊

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Good luck to you too. May you beat the Fat Demons. I need to as it's possible that I may explode soon! It would be nice to wear tents again instead of marquees. Loads of luck!


Ha ha! Netty you make me smile.


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