Day 1 starting tomorrow

Ok so this is it 70lb to loose, I have never been so heavy, since having my second child, who is now 1yr, I just can't seem to find the motivation to cook properly for myself, although I do it for the family, I just snack on rubbish as and when I feel stressed or hungry. Here goes the start of a healthier life style 🍊🍇


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  • Yes have the same problem. I am 6'2 and weigh 260lbs. My weight seems to yo-yo up and down from 250 - 260 depending on how active I am. I would like to lose 30lbs in weight then maintain it. May as well start now.

  • I just don't plan time for me, so I'm trying to make that a goal, one night a week at least x

  • I understand completely, I started with 56lbs to lose, 6lbs gone just over 2 weeks in. I do cook properly for the family, but was hardly eating any of it myself as I'd been snacking all day. I work from home, everyone is out at school and work all day, so no one sees what I was eating. Somehow I justified every single snack while thinking I'll start be healthy tomorrow, and tomorrow has taken years to come lol.

    Basically snacking has to be refused, it takes iron willpower, and its one day at a time. You know when people say "if I can do it, anyone can"? well, if I can, you really can. I had the breaking strain of a tea dunked kit kat 3 weeks ago, but it can be done.

    When you crave a snack, come on here, read a post and reply to it, as much as you can with a little one round your feet. I wish I'd got a grip years ago, my youngest (of four) is 10 this year, and I've wasted a lot of my life hiding and snacking, no more!

    There's so much support here, come and use it, enjoy it. My ususal limit for a diet is 3 days, I'm not into my 3rd week! I have allocated myself 1700 calories a day, not the 1200 myfitnesspal suggests as I struggled with it and often cheated. Now I've allowed myself more, I rarely use them all lol.

    Good luck, and remember you can xx

  • Thanks, I really need to break the habit of eating in the car so thought I would ban that as my start. It's great to here other people are getting there x

  • I've taken my eye off the ball for a couple of days as had a study day and was out of the house a lot. Feel rather silly, and didn't feel well being full of sugar after a couple of weeks eating properly. So, today I'm refocused, and want to continue losing a couple of lbs a week, the first 6 felt so good, I need that feeling again.

    Its a life long journey, but will be well worth it. How are you doing? x

  • Week 1 down lost 4lbs, now 256. Had 2 nights out as i had family home from Oz. Walked most days for 45 minutes to an hour. This week target is to lose 4 - 5 lbs more. Will try to be a bit more strict with myself as I know the first 10 pounds are easy to lose then it gets more difficult. Don't like diets so will start to do a bit of cycling this week on 2 days at least. Cant much.

  • Sounds so similar to my life! By the time you make sure everyone else is OK you end up neglecting yourself and admittedly I am more a nibbler when it comes to food. Can happily skip a healthy meal and nibble on the biggest lot of rubbish. All those days had to change as I was so unhappy. When I 1st stepped on the scales at my heaviest I was 16 st 10 (2 years ago) and at the time couldn't understand why. Now I've found this site and re-starting again with my weight at 14 st 8. I lost 4.5lb last week just taking advice on healthier eating. Find the time for yourself. Good luck

  • week 2 down did not hit my target of another 4lbs loss only 2lbs. Now 254lbs, chin up and keep going. Find myself tired and hungry especially in the evenings. Must start going to bed earlier. Must find a good book to read. Target weight for week 3 is 251lbs. Here goes.

  • Week 4 down weight is now 252. 8 pounds lost, expected more but has been a bit hectic recently. nothing planned for next few weeks so should be able to get back on track. Target for next week is 250lbs or less. Here goes.

  • To be honest I can't be bothered to cook for myself properly either so on Sunday I buy 7 frozen weight watchers meals for my dinners and 7 salad bowls for my lunches. I usually add some kind of protein to my salads and what I find that is really great is that the weight watchers meals count towards one of your 5 a day!

    Another change that I made was not to have any kind of junk food in the house, if I wanted biscuits or some other unhealthy snack then I would go out to get it because this means that it won't be lying around the house and it removes any temptation.

    Good Luck with your healthier lifestyle!

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