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Week 10: 13.7kg lost all together!

Well last week I crashed through my 10kg initial weight loss target and today I weighed 98.3kg. Now I know I've still.got a, lot of weight to lose but I am thrilled this is the lightest I've been in ten years!

Tonight I have celebrated by having tofu,pepper and peanut kebabs from a weight watchers cookbook and some chocolate and cherry mousse made by a friend both together totalled 500 calories and were absolutely yummy.

I'm trying to eat a bit earlier in the evening because others have suggested that it is better for the digestion,no.idea if this is true but I'll give it a go.

Well onwards and downwards we go (I hope!).

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Great! That dinner sounds great. I've been having earlier dinners when I can, partly because I'm hungry earlier from eating more lightly during the day, and partly to try and get better at going to bed early so that I can go running early in the morning.


All praise to the Linggirl ~ she's going great guns! :D


Thanks guys. The support I've been getting from friends, family and on here helps me keep on going.


Many congratulations, you are doing an amazing job and you must be feeling so proud of all you have achieved so far. 13.7 kgs in 10 weeks is just brilliant :-)


I feel good.


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