Week 10: 13.7kg lost all together!

Well last week I crashed through my 10kg initial weight loss target and today I weighed 98.3kg. Now I know I've still.got a, lot of weight to lose but I am thrilled this is the lightest I've been in ten years!

Tonight I have celebrated by having tofu,pepper and peanut kebabs from a weight watchers cookbook and some chocolate and cherry mousse made by a friend both together totalled 500 calories and were absolutely yummy.

I'm trying to eat a bit earlier in the evening because others have suggested that it is better for the digestion,no.idea if this is true but I'll give it a go.

Well onwards and downwards we go (I hope!).


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5 Replies

  • Great! That dinner sounds great. I've been having earlier dinners when I can, partly because I'm hungry earlier from eating more lightly during the day, and partly to try and get better at going to bed early so that I can go running early in the morning.

  • All praise to the Linggirl ~ she's going great guns! :D

  • Thanks guys. The support I've been getting from friends, family and on here helps me keep on going.

  • Many congratulations, you are doing an amazing job and you must be feeling so proud of all you have achieved so far. 13.7 kgs in 10 weeks is just brilliant :-)

  • I feel good.

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