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Weigh in results and apologies

Well last week was another potential write off. I fell off the wagon again and I didn't track my food at all. I think I just needed some time and space to get my game back... Hence the radio silence :( somehow though by the grace of God....


I now weigh exactly 18st and I've lost 1st and 1lb in 9 weeks.

I've had a kick up the bum from (weirdly) my mother in law to be who is also trying to lose weight. She can't get motivated, and I spent a lovely walk for an hour convincing her she could do it... Yet I couldn't do that for myself?? Made no sense.

The biggest thing for me is I admitted during that conversation how much I weighed, to my mother in law to be. That's MASSIVE for me.

So here I am, weighed in and back on track and my mother in law also started again today too. We're going to have a weekly weigh in and share our successes :)

Life is good, off we go then :)

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We missed you! So good to hear that you came out of your tough week with a loss still, as well as someone new to support you. It's good to voice things aloud to others around you isn't it, but very brave to have a heart to heart like that with your mother in law to be. She will learn a lot about you and your excellent positive outlook by sharing this weightloss journey. Wishing you a strongwilled week ahead :)

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Welcome back - I was worried about you! I'm glad you are back on track, we all fall off the wagon so it's really important we learn how to get straight back on. Keep posting on here please, your positivity has been really motivating for me and hopefully it helps you too. Even if you post when it's tough going it reminds us all that we are not the only ones who slip up. Good luck to you and your mother in law.


I agree with the two replies above. I enjoy reading your posts and hearing your positivity and your humorous posts. You have already lost a stone, you can do it again! Don't be afraid to tell us your weight loss thoughts and code reds when they happen. We are all with you. We are all in the weight loss journey together.

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Well done on your loss this week and so far. When you have a fair bit to lose the journey is longer so you may have to forgive yourself the odd loss of focus. But you are back in the game now with more support.

Fingers crossed for this week :)


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